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Time Series – Who’s in the Cast and What is the Release Date?

Time Series

In the BBC’s newest series, Time, we follow a group of people as they try to make sense of time. The first five episodes aired on September 11th and 12th but will be available for streaming anytime after that. When is the next episode? What about the release date? Read on for more information about this exciting new show!

” Time ” series is about what?

The time series is about a group of people trying to make sense of time. They are examining everything from how we measure time and the future as it might exist in 4000 years to what happens when animals go into hibernation or humans dream.

The cast of the series” Time”:

Time reunites two of Britain’s best-known actors: Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and Stephen Graham (Line of Duty), who starred together in another of Jimmy McGovern’s creations, Accused, in a standalone 2012 episode that saw Bean playing a genderqueer teacher.

On working with Graham and McGovern again, Sean Bean says: “Getting to be involved in a Jimmy McGovern drama again is a real privilege, and it will be great to be reunited with Stephen. Mark Cobden is another of Jimmy’s complex and superbly written characters, and I am looking forward to bringing him to life on screen.”


About the storyline:

There are six main characters in ” Time, “each with its own story.

Time season 2: Does the ending of the BBC series hint at more?


The stories are:

-One woman who is awoken from a coma after 15 years and has to come to terms with her new life while also grappling with the idea of death for the first time;

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– A group of friends trying to reconnect after being apart for over two decades; – An elderly couple facing old age and death together;

– A father trying to reconnect with his children after a long absence, but who is plagued by the knowledge that he may not be around for much longer.

These different stories are all connected through time. Each story will cover one particular aspect of a life lived over a period of years or decades, from birth to death.


Sacha Dhawan as Dr. Ramesh, a neurologist, trying to help her patients negotiate the gap between life and death;

Arianne Zukerman is Anna Rampton. In 1994 she was in love with Lucien, but he went off to war and died while she had their child alone? But now, twenty years later, she has a chance to be close to him again.

What can we expect from this series?

This season is based on the life of a young man who was sentenced to 18 years for his part in an armed robbery. His mother, Robina (played by Lorraine Ashbourne), visits him every week, and during one visit, he tells her that, if she can manage it financially, he would like to go home at some point soon so, even if he has to work, at least he will feel like a human being.

He is met with some skepticism, given that his first parole hearing isn’t until 2020, but Robina decides to do whatever she can so her son doesn’t have to serve the full sentence in prison. We follow him over three years as he battles with both staff and fellow prisoners.


Time BBC drama Air Date:

The new BBC drama Time aired for the first time on Sunday, June 6, and many viewers are wondering when they can catch the next episode. Featuring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham, the hard-hitting series from Jimmy McGovern is a portrayal of life in a British prison.

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Time trailer

The first trailer for the series arrived in May 2021, introducing us to Bean’s character as he arrives for a prison sentence and immediately seems to find himself coming into conflict with both staff and fellow prisoners.

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