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Evil Dead Rise: Release Date, Plot Details, Cast Updates, Rumoured Twists and Spoilers!

Evil Dead Rise

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise will be very excited to hear a release date for the movie has been announced! The film is set to come out in 2021, and it’s going to have some BIG names attached. Bruce Campbell – who played Ash in the original trilogy – will return as an executive producer, while Sam Raimi (director of all three Evil Dead films) will co-produce with Tom Holland.

What will be the release date for Evil Dead Rise?

In his Diabolique interview, Campbell spent a great deal of time discussing his upcoming book “The Cool Side of My Pillow.” In fact, he was only asked for an update on a new “Evil Dead” flick as an afterthought, and while his answer was short and sweet, there’s still quite a bit to unpack. “The official name is Evil Dead Rise,” Campbell said. “We’re getting a new draft in. I don’t think anything will happen until 2021. Full bore ahead, we’re very excited about it. A whole new ballgame. No more cabin in the woods.”

We can expect it to take a year or more from the time production commences to the flick being ready to stream, so expect to see “Evil Dead Rise” sometime in 2022. We’re going to go out on a limb and predict that the film will drop right around, oh, say, Halloween — but you may want to bookmark this page because we’ll be updating it with an official release date as soon as there’s an announcement.

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What is the star cast of Evil Dead Rise?

The Evil Dead Rise cast list is still TBA, but if this project does start production in 2021, as Campbell predicts, we’ll be sure to let you know. The original film had its core group of actors — Bruce Campbell (Ash), Ellen Sandweiss (Shelly), and Betsy Baker (Linda). We can’t wait for the franchise’s return!

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Will there be a love triangle?

What will happen with Ash’s daughter Cheryl from Evil Dead II & Army of Darkness taking on an official role in the new series? Will she find herself embroiled in a romantic entanglement with her dad or maybe fighting against him every step of the way…or both? And what about her relationship with her mother Evil Dead II & Army of Darkness survivor Linda (Betsy Baker)?


The upcoming season will explore Cheryl’s journey, but no one is saying anything about the love triangle.

What are some rumours for the new series?

We can’t confirm any information yet, and we’re not going to be spilling any spoilers or plot details just in case things change…but there have been a few rumours floating around! One being that Ash himself may find his way back from the dead after he perished at The Cabin. Another rumour has it that Season 0 might take place before Evil Dead because the showrunner wants to include time travel as an element on which they could build future storylines like alternate timelines.

What about Bruce Campbell?

Yes, we know he was ultimately not available because Ash passed away at The Cabin *sigh* But with his blessing, they were able to get Sam Raimi on board which made Evil Dead Rise possible.

What about the cast?

While; it hasn’t been confirmed yet, we can expect to see both; Mia (Jane Levy) and Linda (Elizabeth Blackmore) as part of a new team; led by Ash’s daughter; Brandy Barr; who will spend time fighting off; some very bad; demonic forces. At this stage, we also know that Evil Dead; is being written; in the same style; as the original movies, which mean there; will be more humour – including Raimi’s trademark; slapstick comedy; with one-liners from Bruce Campbell; himself! And while it may take place before Evil Dead because they want to include time travel…well, you never know what could happen at The Cabin *wink*.


But wait, there’s more!

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The Cabin in the Woods director, Evil Dead producer and writer, Scott Derrickson, is also joining the cast as a major character. This means we could be seeing some incredible twists to come with his role, too – like maybe he’ll end up being Ash? For now, it remains unconfirmed, but fans are speculating on what this may mean for the storyline.

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