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The Witcher Season 3: Full Review, Scheduling Updates and Everything We Know So Far

The Witcher Season 3

The Witcher is a series that has amassed an enormous following of loyal fans over the years. The release date for Season 3 was announced to be March 2019, and we can’t wait! This article will review everything we know about this latest season so far, including what’s been released and what updates are coming our way.

Who is staring in The Witcher Season 3?

The Witcher Season three will star:

Gwendoline Christie as Commander Brona

Anya Chalotra as Yennefer of Vengerberg.


Ciri, played by Freya Allan in the first two seasons, is now being portrayed by actress Anna Shaffer.

How long has it been since The Witcher aired?

The last season of The Witcher aired on Netflix in 2017. It has been a little over two years since that time, which is about the average gap between seasons.

What are some fun things to know?

The third season will be eight episodes long and take place after Geralt regains consciousness from his fight with Eredin.

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Final Thoughts: About the witcher season 3

The Witcher Season three is on the way! If you’re a fan of The Witcher and have been waiting for it to return, then this news will be music to your ears. It’s only been about two years since season two aired, so there isn’t too long of an anticipation period but still enough time for fans to speculate what will happen next.

What can we expect from season three?

The Witcher could run on Netflix for a long time. Hissrich claims to have thought out ideas for a massive seven seasons. And we’re pretty certain there’s enough source material left for that to be viable.


We’ve got the entirety of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer’s stories to play out. It takes them across The Continent to a wide variety of locations and introduces us to some of the best fantasy characters around. Ciri’s development is a great basis for future tales in The Witcher universe that combine themes of family and love and mystery and magic.

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There’s plenty of books and external material for the creators to draw on, so it stands to reason we can expect to see more of them adapted into animated shorts or multiple seasons.

Bring it on. We’re in for the long haul.

The released date of the witcher season 3:

We’re hoping the producers get straight to making the next season as quickly as they did with season two. After the huge success of the first season, which was released in December 2019, season two was announced, and they began filming it two months later. Going by that logic, we hope to hear about the third season of the Witcher by early 2022.


What will be the plot of season 3 of the witcher?

The Witcher Season Three will be based on “Season of Storms,” and its plot revolves around Geralt’s search for his adopted daughter Ciri. The trailer shows a desolate landscape where he is being pursued by two riders, who seem to represent death or evil in some way.

What do we know about season three of The Witcher?

In the Season of Storms, Geralt is pursuing his long-lost daughter Cirilla. But he doesn’t know she’s a lot closer than he thinks…

Ciri has been confirmed to be a playable character in season three and will have her own storyline and Geralt’s. When Ciri was is found, she will have amnesia, and Geralt must help her remember who she is.

We know that The Witcher season three has not been confirmed yet, but we do hope for one soon!


The story takes place in a land ravaged by war, where people of all shapes and sizes live in fear.

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Geralt is the only one who can save them from their worst nightmares…

We have seen quite a few screenshots that show Geralt’s adventure through an unknown area called Kaedwen with densely wooded forests on either side of him. We also see Geralt, with his newly-grown beard in the screenshot, and we see a small village.

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