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The Owl House Season 2 Confirmed – Release Date, Voice Artists, Spoilers and Plot Details!

The owl HOuse Season 2

The Owl House Season 2 has now been confirmed! But what can we expect? Will the show be renewed for another season? This is a discussion that many fans have had. We will answer these questions and more in this post, including release date, voice actors, plot details, and spoilers!


Season 2 of The Owl House will release on June 12th, 2021. The series will make for perfect Saturday morning viewing as new episodes will be airing at 10 am PT/ET from June 12th.

As well as airing on the Disney Channel, new episodes will also be added to DisneyNOW on the same day in the US.

It is also expected that new episodes will arrive on Disney+ where the Disney Channel itself is not available on TV.



The one thing I can say; is that season two; will be a dramatic arc; of Spencer’s journey; into adulthood; as he struggles; with what it means to be an adult; in this post-college world. We’ll see him try his best; because being successful at anything; has always been important for him. But also, we’ll watch him struggle; when things get hard. What does success mean? Is there more than just money involved? Who are you responsible for; when you’re “successful?” Those are some of the questions we hope to explore over the course.

The Owl House season 2 release date confirmed: How many episodes in total?


In the second season; of The Owl House, we get to see Spencer’s struggle; between what he wants for himself versus what is right. This leads us into deeper themes, like gender inequality or financial troubles that come with being an adult who has a family/job. Sometimes when people are on top, they’re stepping over other people as they climb higher, and it doesn’t always end up so well in the long run.

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Season two will premiere with the episode “The Second Biggest Mistake.”

In this first episode, we find out that Liam is back in town, and it’s up to Spencer and the team at The Owl House to figure out why.

It seems as if he has come back for revenge on his parents for abandoning him as a child.


He also reveals plans of taking down the entire family fortune.

Spencer works quickly to stop Liam before he can lay waste to their lives…yet again!


What I expected going into season two was some sort of animated comedy adventure series like when you’re watching something from Disney Jr or Cartoon Network/Adult Swim.

But the Owl House is much darker than I was expecting, with a dramatic tone that makes it more of an adult animated drama series – in the vein of something like Rick and Morty or The Simpsons.


In season two, we see Spencer deal with his need to step up as the man he’s been working so hard for all these years…but also sees him struggle to do what’s right (as opposed to what’s easy). He wants success and doesn’t want anything stopping him from getting there!

This leads us into some deeper themes about equality (looking at you: gender inequality), money troubles, responsibility versus doing what feels good in the moment, etcetera. As well as how sometimes when people come out on top, the people they’re trying to step on the whole way up to don’t make it out alive.

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We got some great updates from our voice artists about their characters:

The voice of Spencer is now being voiced by actor Stephen Lang, who played Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar (2009) and Captain Walt Kowalski in the TV series Broken Trail (2008).


Madiha Rashid plays a new character named “Jasmine” this season. She’s an exuberant girl with big dreams but no direction or focus to get them there…no matter how hard she tries!

We also got some great updates from our directors about their episodes:

Episode One will be directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella – he was the director for Sea Change on Disney XD and The Order on Hulu, as well as the co-creator of Nickelodeon’s School of Rock

Episode Two will be directed by Mario Perez, who just finished directing the upcoming season of Life in Pieces for CBS. He’s worked on shows like Full Frontal with Samantha Bee at TBS and Veep at HBO.


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