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Breeders Season 3: Renewed on FX, Speculated Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spin-Offs, and Latest Updates!

Breeders Season 3

Season 3 of Breeders has been renewed by FX on the release day of season 2! The cast and plot have not been released yet, but there are rumours that it will be a spin-off from Season 1. Updates on the latest news can be found here!

About the show:

In Breeders, a young woman is abducted after she’s raped at her own birthday party.

The story follows the victim and her family as they are torn apart by emotional and physical scars that have yet to heal. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when the daughter of one of the kidnappers arrives on their doorstep with a baby in tow – seen as reparation for what happened years prior. The two families meet every six months under strict supervision from authorities who want to make sure this meeting doesn’t get too out-of-hand. What begins as awkward introductions over tea soon becomes fraught interactions full of suspicion and conflict between these two traumatized groups… but eventually, something starts to change within each side until it evolves into an unspoken understanding. This story is about family, closure, and the beauty of forgiveness.”

The show will centre on a young girl who was kidnapped by her uncle at age nine.


The Cast of Breeders Season 3:

Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard will hopefully reprise their roles as Paul and Ally for the third time.

Meanwhile, following a “long” casting process to find their new Ava and Luke, the series creators of Breeders have no plans to recast the two characters again (at least not immediately).

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“I also think because we realised as we went through this season how great Eve [Prenelle] and Alex [Eastwood] are as Ava and Luke, and it would be lunacy not to use actors that good again – we’d be mental not to use them because they’re so good,” Blackwell says.

“Luke has some big emotional stuff in this season,” co-writer Chris Addison adds. “I want to see what we can get out of Eve. Fans feel like we can get something really special out of her, and I feel Ava hasn’t challenged her quite yet. I really look forward to seeing what she does with that.”


The Plot of Breeders Season 3:

“Claire is a young, introverted woman who has never been able to fit in. She lives with her mother and two sisters on their family farm, where they run an animal rescue shelter for dogs. One day she meets Cara at the grocery store and falls fast into friendship – so much that it becomes difficult for Claire to stay true to herself.”

Aya Cash will star as “Cara,” Bill Istook will play “Earl”… etc…

When will Breeders Season 3 Premiere?

Sky announced they had renewed Breeders for a third season on the day series two was released (Thursday 27th May 2021). There’s no word yet on when series three will be available for us to watch, but we’ll keep this page updated with news when we get it.

Breeders season 2 review: A calmer, stronger season

Source: The AV

What will happen in Breeders Season Three?

No one knows exactly what’s going to happen; in season three. But there are a few theories; about where the story could go. We think that Claire and Cara; might start living together; after they get married (despite their age difference), which would be illegal as same-sex marriage isn’t legal yet! There’s also speculation that the third season of Breeders might follow some sort of time jump forward and focus on how this affects all these characters who – spoiler alert – have done an awful lot of growing up over the first two seasons.

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Other plot points: “Claire is a young, introverted woman who has never been able to fit in.” Her family runs a successful business breeding horses. Her only friend is her cousin Cara, the more extroverted and popular one in their family that she’s never been able to live up to – until Claire starts taking medical marijuana for a back injury.


Show Ratings so far(for Season1 & 2):

Season one has a Metascore of 75 based on reviews from 26 critics.

Metacritic rated the season as “generally favourable.”

No Metacritic score for Season two yet, but some exemplary ratings are:

The 2nd Season of Breeders averaged a 0.07 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 216,000 viewers. Compared to season 1, that’s down by 27% in the demo and down by 9% in viewership.


• Rotten Tomatoes – 69% (54/80) Fresh Rating

• IMDB – 78 % (111,574 votes) rating

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