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Watch Joe Pera on Seth Meyers Talk About Anime Conventions, James Bond, and More

Joe Pera is a former actor, now comedian, who has been seen on Netflix’s Big Mouth and starred in the popular Adult Swim pilot Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep. On Tuesday night’s episode of Seth Meyers, Pera discussed his childhood fascination with James Bond and anime conventions. Pera also mentioned an early memory of his mother hanging a belt around him to teach him how to use it as a weapon when he was feeling threatened by people calling him “nerd” or teasing him for his love of anime. As he got older and learned more about classic films like The Princess Bride, he found that there were many worlds outside of James Bond that appealed to him just as much.

Introduction to The Joe Pera Talks With You

This is an introduction to a podcast series. It will be on the Joe Pera Talks With You podcast series. Here is a brief on what the article is going to be about: “The Joe Pera Talks With You podcast is perhaps one of the most popular podcasts around today.” Every week, Joe and his guests chat with you in their conversational style – and humor. Not only do they deal with your daily life, but they also talk about pop culture, current events, and much more along the way! The show offers great advice from talented people from all walks of life.

Character names in The Joe Pera Talks With You

Conner O’Malley
Jo Scott
Jo Firestone
Sophia Battinus
Joe Pera
Rose Callaghan
Gene Kelly
Alma Washington
Eddie Reyes

Story of The Joe Pera Talks With You

Joe Pera (born September 27, 1980) is an American actor and comedian originally from New Brunswick, New Jersey. His 2016 Netflix special “Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep” was nominated for two Emmy Awards: Outstanding Writing For A Variety Special and Outstanding Directing For A Variety Special. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife Jillian Werner. If you enjoy Joe’s comedy, this article is a must-read for you—it features exclusive interviews with Joe about the process behind his act! Read on to learn more about this intriguing comedian and what goes into his crazy antics.

Joe Pera Talks With You, TV’s sweetest comedy, has been canceled, to the dismay of fans

Tired of the status quo? Want to be more creative, yet still, remain relevant? Joe Pera Talks With You, a weekly comedy show on CNN has been canceled after only one season. The show was praised by critics and featured everyday people talking to each other in a conversation-style format. These conversations were meant to evoke laughter from viewers who enjoy watching people talk through life’s trivialities. Sadly this unique comedic show has been canceled due to low ratings and some poor reviews from many different publications including the New York Times. Netizens are shocked and saddened that a show so fresh and innovative with such critical acclaim could just be gone with no chance for its return and an episode that never happened.

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