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Teases in Prey TV Ad First Earthly Hunt by the Predator

The latest preview of the highly anticipated film release Prey and its most recent TV spot have got fans all in a tizzy. In the said spot, we see the iconic creature stalking and hunting its prey with ferocity. The thrilling video is brilliantly edited with some haunting music that will most certainly get you to the edge of your seat. We also get a better look at protagonist Casey who seems to be some sort of an academic working for a company called Weyland-Yutani.

Introduction to The Prey

The Prey series is a collaboration between artist Kelly Smith and writer Nicole Jaffe. The first comic book in the series was published as a stand-alone graphic novel by Dark Horse Books, but after that, it was made into a series of four novels with HarperCollins. In the world of Prey, creatures hunt humans for sport, entertainment, or to survive. It’s up to one lone girl to save her sister and make sense of the secrets behind this dangerous new world…a world where she may be next on the menu.

The murder of Sarah’s father has left Sarah a broken girl, living alone in a cabin in the woods. The best friend she thought she had finally revealed a hidden secret that changes everything… and then the monsters arise from her nightmares. Deep in the forest, inside a ruined cabin, Sarah finds herself trapped between two forces: not just man’s greed for money and power, but also its love for destroying what it cannot understand. To survive, Sarah must embrace her heartless predator nature or die trying…and with every moment she holds out longer, an entire species that has lived off humans is falling to extinction…including her sister.

Character names in The Prey

Ray Strachan
Michelle Thrush
Julian Black Antelope
Stormee Kipp
Nelson Leis

Story of The Prey

The Prey series by Maggie Stiefvater is one of the most popular book trios in recent years, and for good reason. With a stunning romance and deft examination of what constitutes human nature, it tells a deeply compelling story that will keep you guessing until the final pages. In The Raven Boys (2012) we meet Blue Sargent, whose family has the power to see who or what people’s destinies are. Unsurprisingly they see her love interest, Gansey, as either being someone without destiny or being marked for death. Thankfully, Blue can see the two of them together, and they escape to her family’s beach house where they have to work together to unravel a series of murders that may or may not be tied to The Raven Boys.

In The Dream Thieves (2013) we meet Adam and Josh, who are seemingly random victims of the curse until they find out that the boys who have been sent after them are Blue’s friends. They must work together with Blue to track down one of the boys who has broken away from a curse after discovering something about their shared past. Only then will they finally learn why they were chosen as victims in the first place.

How Prey Differs From the Original Movie The Predator

The Predator is a classic from the 80s, but this latest movie is mixing things up and changing its tune. It might sound unusual to change something like a soundtrack, but this remix sounds even more spectacular than the original. In the original film, the predators weren’t given names; they were just called “predators”. In this new film, each of them has its designation: there’s The Predator (obviously), but also The Scarface Predator (a nod to Al Pacino in Scarface), and The Pentecostal Predator (which is played by Trevante Rhodes).