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Evil Dead Rise: Horror Thriller is coming to catch you this April

Evil Dead Rise

Lee Cronin’s Horror Thriller ‘Evil Dead Rise’ coming to theatres this April


  • A look into the new horror thriller movie ‘Evil Dead Rise’
  • Depth of the Scary part of the movie
  • Trailer Breakdown of the movie
  • Audience expectation for the Movie
  • Age Limit for the Watch 

“Mommy Loves You To Death”

Lee Cronin is the Director and Writer of the movie ‘Evil Dead Rise’. Sam Raimi is one of the writers with him. The movie falls under the category of a Horror thriller. This is the latest installment of the Evil Dead Franchise. The movie also is considered a survival thriller.

The Plot of the Movie

The main story revolves around a family of two estranged sisters Elle and Beth, and their children. A family reunion was set up in a highrise in Los Angeles. The horror events start with the Necronomicon or the Book of Dead spirits. The dead demons catch the family when the book is taken. The survival of the remaining family develops the horror events and story of the Movie. From the trailer of the movie, the creators give an indication of the scariest film of the franchise.


Release Date

The movie Evil Dead Rise will release on April 21st, 2023 in theatres. The movie was announced in 2019 and it was set to release in 2022 but due to some technical issues, it got postponed.

Cast and Characters

From the glimpse of the trailer, we can expect a great performance from the cast to deliver thrilling and scarring moments and engage viewers towards them.

  • Alyssa Sutherland as Ellie
  • Lilly Sullivan as Beth
  • Nell Fisher as Kassie
  • Gabrielle Echols as Bridget
  • Jayden Daniels as Gabriel
  • Billy Reynolds-McCarthy as Jake
  • Tai Wano as Scott
  • Morgan Davies

Trailer of the Movie

The official trailer of the movie was released on January 4th, 2023 and it almost approached six million views on youtube. The trailer is about two and a half minute duration. In the trailer, we can see the main events of the movie and a glimpse of jump scares in the movie. We can see the family in the apartment. Children in the movie are going to make the film’s scariest moments. Also, we can see tremendous work from the CGI artist and location set makers, the places alone give scary moments for the audience. Creepy music with a haunted forest and haunted victim galore plays an important role in engaging the audience towards the trailer.

The Genre of the Evil Dead Rise Movie

The Evil Dead film series is a horror-comedy franchise that revolves around a group of young people who unwittingly release demonic forces while staying in a remote cabin in the woods. The genre of the series is generally considered to be horror, with elements of comedy, fantasy, and supernatural thriller. The series is known for its tense and suspenseful moments, particularly in the first two films, where the characters are constantly in danger and are being chased by demonic entities. The use of jump scares, eerie music, and intense visuals add to the horror aspect of the films, while the thrilling aspect comes from the characters’ struggle to survive and overcome the evil forces that are threatening them.

The Evil Dead series also has elements of supernatural thriller, particularly in the third film, Army of Darkness. The film takes the series in a new direction by sending the protagonist, Ash Williams, back in time to battle an army of the undead. The film features elements of sword and sorcery fantasy, and Ash must use his wits and bravery to navigate the perilous world he finds himself in.

Audience Expectation Evil Dead Rise

First of all, as a horror movie, this movie is not preferable to all audiences, those who love to watch such kinds of movies are suitable for the theatrical watch. There are so many past events of heart attacks and other problems caused to the audience while watching such kinds of movies. Small kids should be prevented from watching such films, sometimes sudden shocks for them are also dangerous. Now coming to the preferable audience they need a story that has good logic and standard with decent scary moments. Theatre experiences such kind of movies are unimaginable for some audiences, they just love it. 


Jump scares are the main essence of horror movies from past times onwards, so some audiences feel it is a cliche in recent horror movies. In some movies, the viewer can predict the jump scare and what will happen. So Horror movie lovers want new experiences from the movie. Horror movies often build suspense and tension through pacing, music, and visual cues. Viewers often expect horror movies to include unexpected twists or surprises, such as a sudden revelation of the true villain or a shocking ending.


In conclusion, Horror films try to create intense feelings in their audience members and keep them on the edge of their seats, we can definitely expect such kind of seat-edge thriller from the creators of Evil Dead. The new updates about the movie also give proof of that. Anyway, we can wait till April for the massive release of Evil Dead Rise, we can see whether evil can rise in the theatre and catch its viewers.

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