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Upcoming The Little Mermaid Movie Know Cast, Plot, Release Date

The Little Mermaid

The movie tells the story of Ariel, a young mermaid who falls in love with Prince Eric, a human prince


  • The upcoming movie is a live-action adaptation of the original animated film
  • Cast members include Halle Bailey as Ariel, Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric, Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Le Chef Louis
  • The plot follows Ariel’s journey to becoming human and her adventures on land and sea with Prince Eric
  • The movie is set to release on May 26, 2023
  • The trailer for the movie features an interview with Halle Bailey discussing her role as Ariel
  • The movie is expected to be a hit with both children and adults and to surpass expectations with its stellar cast and crew.


“The Little Mermaid” is one of the most popular Disney movies ever. It is a classic tale of love and overcoming one’s fears. The movie tells the story of Ariel, a young mermaid who has fallen in love with Prince Eric, a human prince from the surface. The film follows their adventures on land and sea in both worlds before she ultimately sacrifices herself to let Prince Eric marry another princess for her own happiness.

Today we will be giving you all the information about the upcoming new full movie that is coming out this year called “The Little Mermaid”.


Cast Members Of This Movie

  • Halle Bailey as Ariel
  • Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric
  • Melissa McCarthy as Ursula
  • Simone Ashley as India
  • Jacob Tremblay as Flounder
  • Daveed Diggs as Sebastian
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda as Le Chef Louis
  • Awkwafina as Scuttle
  • Javier Bardem as King Triton
  • Noma Dumezweni as Queen Selina
  • Jessica Alexander as Vanessa
  • Lorena Andrea as Perla
  • Emily Coates as Ursula
  • Art Malik as Grimsby
  • Jude Akuwudike as Grimsby
  • Russell Balogh
  • Adrian Christopher
  • Kajsa Mohammar as Karina
  • Karolina Conchet as Mala
  • Craig Stein
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The Plot Of This Movie 

The story of “The Little Mermaid” is based on a Danish fairy tale the movie written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837. In the movie, a mermaid princess named Ariel yearns to leave her ocean home to live in the world above. She falls in love with Prince Eric and she performs several acts to become human such as trading her voice for legs and almost marrying the prince.

This movie is already rumored to come out this year on November 15, 2018. The movie will be released by Walt Disney Pictures and is expected for international distribution for live-action films with CGI animation elements as well.

When Will The Movie Be Released?

The Little Mermaid film has been announced to release on 26 May  2023.


Trailer For This Movie 

This Is The Interview Of The First Cast Member “

Halle Bailey”

The first cast-member 

Halle Bailey has made an interview with a, where he talks about his role as Ariel


Background Of This Movie

Ariel is a mermaid in the 1989 Disney animated film and its prequel television series. Ariel is the eighth official member of Disney Princess. Ariel is voiced by Jodi Benson, and her singing voice was provided by Lea Salonga when she was human and Pat Carroll when she was a mermaid. She has been highly regarded as one of the most popular princesses in terms of merchandise sales and viewership interest.

Ariel first appears in the 1989 film The Little Mermaid, an adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen legend “The Little Mermaid”.

Expectation As Fans

Every movie that has been released before this one always drew high expectations because of the good reviews they got and most were more than satisfied. The movie is expected to do that and the anticipation is already there. We hope it exceeds our expectations, maybe because it’s not Disney’s first attempt at a live-action film based on a fairy tale. But we’re sure it will surpass expectations with its amazing features as well as its stellar cast and crew members.


We are hoping for this movie to be better than the ones before it because all of them were hilarious, beautiful, and creative too.


It is expected that “The Little Mermaid” movie will be bigger than “Aladdin” and “Lady and the Tramp”, two other movies Disney has made before. But it is seen as a live-action fairy tale for your kids and adults to enjoy. So we expect that this may be one of those movies that kids will surely enjoy watching with their parents in a theater.

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