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“The Blackening” (2023) Upcoming Movie Full Information…

The Blackening

The Blackening is a social movement and online protest against racism and racial stereotypes


  • The movement focuses on educating people on how to take a stand against racism, empowering oppressed groups, and unifying voices to fight back against oppression
  • The upcoming film, also called “The Blackening,” has a cast including Antoinette Robertson, Grace Byers, Dewayne Perkins, Melvin Gregg, and others
  • The plot centers around a policeman named Shawn searching for his missing friend King, and encountering a school teacher named Lisa while hiding in the forest
  • The film is set to release on June 16, 2023
  • The background film is a documentary about the history and current treatment of people of color in the United States

The Blackening is a very small, but influential movement that began in early 2016. The movie is an online protest and counteraction against society’s current racial norms; it works to reverse the racist stereotypes that are constantly perpetuated by the media. It consists of three key movements: (1) educating people on how to take a stand against racism; (2) showing oppressed groups what they can do to fight back against racism; and (3) unifying these groups with powerful voices so they have their voices heard loud and clear. Though there are many more aspects of this movement, these three key movements make up the movie.

Cast Members Of This Movie

  • Antoinette Robertson as Lisa
  • Grace Byers as Allison
  • Dewayne Perkins as Dewayne
  • Melvin Gregg as King
  • X Mayo as Shanika
  • Sinqua Walls as Nnamdi
  • Yvonne Orji as Morgan
  • Diedrich Bader
  • Jay Pharoah as Shawn
  • Jermaine Fowler as Clifton
  • James Preston Rogers as Blackface
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The Plot Of This Movie 

The movie starts with a policeman named Shawn looking for his friend King, who has gone missing. He finds him in the aftermath of a fight between two gangs. After failing to save King’s life with his usual police tactics, Shawn decides to leave the scene and hide in the forest. There he encounters Lisa, an elementary school teacher who is in charge of disciplining her students when they misbehave. As characters start to discuss that they have been wronged by those above them and how they are not being heard, an interesting idea appears: why can’t we all just be left alone? However, there is more than meets the eye with this innocent plan.


When Will The Movie Be Released?

The Blackening film has been announced to release on 16 June 2023.

Trailer For This Movie 

This Is The Interview Of The First Cast Member “Antoinette Robertson”

The first cast member Antoinette Robertson has made an interview with a, where he talks about his role as Lisa


Background Of This Movie

What’s The Story? 

This movie is a documentary about people of color in the United States. It will go into little detail about the history of black people, especially in America, where African Americans were enslaved and their descendants were segregated. But not only will it discuss the past; but it will also go over how black people are treated now, whether it be by those from other races or even from those of their own race.

What is The Blackening?

The Blackening is a movement for racial equality, unity, and change. It began as an online protest against racism in America. Now it has evolved into a social movement to educate people on how to fight against racism, empower oppressed groups so they can speak up for themselves without the help of a white savior, and bring together groups to fight back against those who are oppressing them.


Expectation As Fans

We expect this movie to do well at the box office. It has already made a significant impact on society in the short time that it’s been around. The Blackening has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. People from all over have taken a stand against racism, whether they are black or white, old or young, etc.


The Blackening is a movie that will change the way we view racism in America. It’s not an action movie; it’s a non-violent protest. But it has forced people of all races and ages to think about their views on race and the impact they make against racism in our society. It is so powerful that it has already become known as “The One Movie That Changed America.” We hope you will take the time to watch this film and spread the word as well. The Blackening may not be as easy to understand at first, but once you overcome that barrier and give it a chance, you’ll be able to realize its impact on society.

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