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Finance 101: Top Reasons Why You Should Have A Credit Card

We all want to have financial stability, and we want to make the best out of it. It would be best if you practiced some strategies to make a positive flow. Hence, there are lots of factors that you need to consider. Most people think you need to enter all the strategies and options abruptly, but you must apply a plan that works best for your vision and capacity. Money is such a big word, and it takes a lot of critical thinking on how you will handle it. If you think that making your money sit in your pockets and wallets, then it might not be the best thing you can do for your finances; sometimes, you need to let some of it out to gain some.

You will eventually pay bills, rent, mortgages, and especially purchases. We purchase our needs and wants, and having a credit card could offer you some excellent benefits that you could enjoy. If you are hesitating because you are a beginner, then take this information as a first step in keeping your options open. Indeed, many financial institutions could offer you various credit card line-ups, and it might take a lot of time if you learn them one by one. 

So, we will help you by considering Southwest credit cards. They have lots of Southwest credit card offers! But, before deepening into a deeper level of this matter, here are the top reasons you should have a credit card.

1. Emergency Purposes

Funds are sometimes going low, resulting in poor quality experiences, limiting you from good things, and poorly catering to your emergency needs. An emergency is hard to pinpoint and sometimes surfaces at unexpected times. So, when you do not have funds to spare, a credit card can save you even in your darkest times.


2. No Need To Carry Physical Cash

Indeed, credit cards allow users to refrain from carrying cash at all. Physical money is dirty and very handy. So, when you will have some major purchases, a simple swipe of your credit card is the easiest way instead of paying bulk cash. It is more compact and light than physical cash.

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3. Secure Than Debit Cards

If you are the type of individual who gravitates towards debit cards and only owns them, then it is time to explore other financial strategies too. In case you don’t know, debit card connects through your bank accounts, which is much more unmanageable when you experience fraudulent transactions. Hence, whichever you choose, there will always be a high level of security depending on which financial institutions you select.

4. Flexible

Indeed, credit cards are very flexible for all users. You can bring it anywhere; you can use it almost everywhere. Some financial institutions are making their banking services available online. That way, it is easier for the users to borrow, deposit, and transfer funds. Also, with their banking app, it is easier for the users to track their funds, and they could receive some critical alerts or notifications.

5. Promos And Rewards

Owning a credit card and stealing promos and rewards are some of the best things you can do. You can build credit scores, and you can save ample amounts of money by using their benefits.


6. Travel Benefits

Travel benefits are one of the most common benefits you can have when owning credit cards. Their travel benefits include protecting your purchases from damage and theft.

In Conclusion, Are Credit Cards Worth A Try?

They are not mere trials. It is best if it would be a long-term practice and commitment. They have many benefits and offer convenience to all their users. You can earn rewards that you can eventually benefit from later on, so be bold and take the first step by inquiring. Stop hesitating and doubting, and become a credit card holder now!

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