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In the first complete trailer for They/Them, Kevin Bacon’s conversion camp is bloody


We all know Kevin Bacon as a guy who likes to mix good and evil. Starting with Animal House back in 1978, he’s been seen on-screen playing a variety of roles, from the enthusiastic and likable jock in Diner to the creepy bad boy in Flatliners. But for his role as a man who runs an all-inclusive conversion camp for young LGBTQ adults, he’s stepping into some unfamiliar territory.

In the trailer for They/Them (also known as The Convert), Bacon plays a strict therapist who oversees troubled young adults struggling with fear and confusion about their sexualities…

Introduction to The They/Them

Many people are aware of the use of a singular “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun. However, there is also an alternate gender-neutral pronoun in English called “Them”, which can be used to refer to groups that do not need to identify as any gender. It is easier than ever to make the switch and begin using they or them when your audience needs this type of pronoun.

For you to not feel guilty about adding in these pronouns, this article will go over some common arguments against using they or them while explaining why they should not concern you.


This article will go over some of the common arguments against using they or them in the discussion. These arguments will help you understand where those who are not comfortable with this pronoun are coming from so you can use the pronouns of your choice without judgment.

They/new Them’s trailer and poster usher in summer camp terror

The new trailer for ‘They: A gender-nonconforming horror film’ has been released and it’s up to all of us to fight back against the summer camp. With a chilling story, you have no excuse to be on your best behavior at summer camp this year!

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They are out there and this time they are not playing games. They’re coming for your throat and they’re coming for that heart you think is safe and sound. We can’t let them take another child, or the people we love most, so fight back now with these posters!

The Horror of Conversion Therapy Camp Is Presented in the They/Them Trailer

A new horror movie, They/Them, is a film based on the idea of conversion therapy. The psychological treatment aims to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity but is proven to be ineffective and causes trauma instead.


The horror movie starts with a child waiting at the bus stop with their mother when they get snatched by strangers. They are then taken to an undisclosed location and strapped into a chair in front of what appears to be their father, who proceeds to torture them for an unknown amount of time before returning them home.

The movie stars singer-songwriter and transgender advocate, Jacob Tampere, as well as actors Tyler Hoechlin (TV’s “Teen Wolf”), Braydon Cho (TV’s “Supernatural”), Brandon O’Connor (TV’s “Arrow, Arrowverse”), and Skye P. Marshall (TV’s “Carnival Row”). The trailer also features a special guest appearance by Radha Mitchell (“Twin Peaks,” “House of Cards”), who is known for playing Trudy Campbell in the hit TV series.

Trailer for Peacock’s LGBTQ+ Slasher Movie They/Them

A new film from the visionary director of “The Nightmare”, one of the best genre films of the 1980s, has been announced. “They/Them” is a slasher film about a group of college students that have been terrorized by an unknown serial killer.

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The film delves into LGBTQ+ subtext, following many young queer people as they go to college and explore their sexuality while being hunted down by an evil force. This trailer preview shows us some of the footage that has been made public so far, with glimpses at terrifying gore and blood-soaked scenes straight out of your worst nightmares.


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