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” Alias “: Sydney Bristow made it to be one of the Comfort shows.

What is the show about ?

Alias is the story of Sydney Bristow. A young woman who learns that her whole life has been a lie. She discovers that she is actually an operative for a secret government agency known as SD-19. When SD-19 is shut down by the CIA. Sydney goes to work for them as a double agent. Determined to bring down SD-19 and all of its members, including her own father.

At the end of Season One Sydney had been in a car crash with her mother Irina Derevko. Who turned out to be an enemy agent herself. When she was injured Sydney’s secret CIA handler Michael Vaughn told her that he loved her. But before they could discuss it further the car exploded.

What are some of the challenges she faces ?

Sydney faces many challenges in her work as a double agent for the CIA. One of the biggest is that she has to keep her true identity a secret from her friends and family. Including her fiance Jack Bristow. She also has to deal with the fact that her father is an enemy agent. And she often feels torn between wanting to please him and wanting to stop him from doing harm. Another challenge is that her mother is also an enemy agent, and Sydney has to constantly be on guard against her schemes.

What are some of the things she loves about her job ?

Despite the challenges, Sydney loves being a double agent because it gives her a chance to make a difference in the world. She also likes that she gets to travel a lot and see different parts of the world on a daily basis, which is something most people never experience.


What awards did the show receive ?

It won four Emmys, and it was nominated for several others. It also got many award nominations from other organizations, including GLAAD Media Awards, NAACP Image Awards and Prism Awards among them.

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What kind of ratings did the show receive ?

The first season averaged around 11 million viewers per episode in the U.S., making it one of the most popular shows on television at the time. The ratings slowly declined as the show went on, but it was still one of the top-rated dramas by the end of its run.

What do critics have to say ?

The reviews were mostly positive, with the show often being praised for its complex storytelling and strong character development. Some criticized it for being too slow-paced, but overall Alias was considered a success by both audiences and critics alike.

What are the best scene in the series ?

There are many great scenes throughout the five seasons of Alias, but some of our favourites include Sydney and Vaughn’s first kiss, Jack Bristow’s death scene, and Sydney finally taking down the Covenant. These moments were both exciting and emotionally powerful, and they left a lasting impression on fans of the show.


What was your favourite character ?

One of the most popular characters in Alias was Michael Vaughn, who was played by actor Michael Vartan. He had a strong chemistry with Jennifer Garner, and his character was beloved by viewers because he was always there to help Sydney when she needed it most. His death at the end of season five left many fans feeling heartbroken and devastated.

Another memorable character was Jack Bristow, Sydney’s father and a top CIA agent. He was often portrayed as a tough and unyielding figure, but he also showed his softer side on occasion. His death scene in the season three finale was both shocking and heartbreaking, and it left fans wondering what would happen to Sydney now that her father was gone.

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