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When Time Got Louder: Explores a great love story about Autism.

The idea of leaving home and starting a new life at college is terrifying for any first time student. It’s the time of our lives to have a break from parental control and explore new possibilities, but is it worth it if we have to leave those who make us feel safe? I learned that the answer really depends on your situation. For Abbie, her parents help provide security for her autistic brother which she also sees as an important part of their family. When she leaves for college, Abbie feels as if she’s abandoning them both.

What is the plot of the story ?

Abbie is excited to leave home and start her life at college, but when she arrives everything seems different and disappointing. She feels as if things are worse than she thought they would be. Her roommate is a jerk, her roommate’s friends are even worse and her classes don’t hold her attention. To make matters worse, Abbie feels as if she’s neglecting her family. She misses Joe, the autistic brother who has been diagnosed with severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Who is the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Willow Shields , Jonathan Simao , Ryan Kong , Daniella Pineda .
Abbie . Willow Shields is from New Zealand and currently plays Melinda Mae Forbes on the show ” The Hunger Games “. Abbie is an 18 year old college freshman who has just moved out of her parent’s house. She feels as if she’s abandoning her autistic brother, Joe, to go to school. Part of her feels as if it was a mistake to leave home because she can’t be there for him anymore. Abbie’s still adjusting to life at college where the people aren’t what she expected them to be and the classes are boring for her. She misses home and even regrets leaving.

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What are the themes ?

The theme is a transition from youth to adulthood. The main character, Abbie, is a fun loving person who has an adventurous spirit. She loves to spend time with her brother, Joe, who has autism. When she leaves home to go to college she feels like she’s abandoning Joe and her parents because they can’t take care of him as well as she can. Being on her own in college has been hard for Abbie who is used to being the one in control. She’s afraid of being alone and having no one there for her.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

Abbie’s roommate is a jerk. She finds everything about him annoying and can’t stand him. She loves her brother, Joe, but he could be living in an institution if they didn’t have the money to pay for his care. Her parents are great, but she’s neglecting them as well and helping them more than her fair share. Abbie feels as if she’s abandoning them all and she hates it. Abbie’s brother, Joe. Abbie loves him and feels as if she’s neglecting him by not being there for home. He’s her rock and doesn’t know what else to do. She loves him and is afraid that she will lose him to an institution if they don’t get the money together for his care.

What are the conflicts ? What is the source of conflicts ?

Abbie feels as if she’s neglected her brother and her parents while in college. She loves them, but is having a hard time adjusting to independent living. The classes don’t hold her attention and she feels as if she’s missing out on an exciting life because of them. Her roommate is a jerk and his friends are worse than he is, which isn’t hard to do because he’s so annoying. They party all the time and wake Abbie up when she needs to sleep for school.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

I would recommend watching this if you like humorous stories. Abbie is a fun loving person who doesn’t mind being in control of her life. If you like to see different situations that represent the average college student, then this is what you will want to watch. Thanks for reading !

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