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Ms. Marvel : Plot , Twist , Suspense , Action and everything you need to know .


Marvel’s newest heroine is Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel! Let’s take a look at this comic book sensation and see what makes her so great.” Kamala Khan is a Pakistani-American teen from New Jersey with a passion for the Avengers, Captain America, and the X-Men. When young Kamala discovers she has shapeshifting abilities after being exposed to Terrigen Mists, she starts using them in order to do good in her community by fighting neighborhood crime.

What is the plot of the story ?

Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is a teenage girl from New Jersey, who is the recipient of the powers of the Inhumans. She gets powers similar to Captain Marvel after being exposed to Terrigen Mists. These new found superpowers and her religious beliefs create a conflict for Kamala . As she balances her love for helping people with her parents’ religion which forbids using your gifts for good. Absorbing Man is eventually defeated when Kamala’s friend Bruno absorbs his powers and returns them to her. Once she gains control of her abilities again . She begins to phase her way out of Absorbing Man, causing him to collapse on top of a crowd of people. This causes a panic and Kamala immediately runs to help the injured.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Iman Vellani Matt Lintz , and the Inhuman Royal Family . Kamala’s parents are played by Anwar Jibawi and Rumzi Ahmed . The Inhuman King is played by Vinzent Brown. Kamala’s parents are strict muslims, which puts tension between the family and her desire to help people with her new gifts. Kamala’s friend Bruno is played by actor Matt Lintz . Bruno is a street-wise young man who comes from a rough upbringing. His uncle is the villain known as The Absorbing Man, who at one point uses his powers to absorb Kamala’s shape-shifting powers causing them to both disappear into obscurity.

What are the difficulties they face ?

In one scene Kamala is at home, discussing with her parents about her newfound powers. She shows them the picture she drew to prove that she knows what she’s doing, only for Bruno to arrive and steal the page. Bruno attempts to convert Kamala to his lifestyle, but she refuses. He tries to kiss her, but an enraged Kamala immediately pushes him away and threatens him with future harm if he tries anything else. Kara Danvers (Ms Marvel) – You can see a few images below of Ms Marvel in action. Kamala Khan is the most loved character because she is a strong-willed teenager who wants to continue helping people in her community despite what her parents say about it. She goes against their wishes, and this puts tension between them.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is the Absorbing Man , the uncle of Kamala’s friend Bruno. He is an enemy of the Avengers who absorbs other heroes’ powers and makes them his own . Which he attempts on Kamala when she gets too close to finding a way to drain her powers. The epic scene is when Kamala goes into a battle with the Absorbing Man, who is trying to steal her powers. Kamala has to find a way to defeat him using one of his own tactics, absorbing powers. At first she fails in doing this until she finally realizes how to use her power to send him into another dimension. The Absorbing Man does this by absorbing an iron pillar outside of the college and turning it into iron bars. As he absorbs the iron bars, he uses these iron bars to try and capture Kamala and make her his own.

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes! This is a great movie for anyone who loves superheroes. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, and any other young people who prefer superheroes. One of the best parts about watching the movie was how well it was written, and the characters were all so great! It had all of the good parts that make up a good film .  Such as character development and plot twists. Thanks for reading !

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