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Ms Marvel : Introduces a new Muslim Actress in the show .

Kamala is a superhero fan who finds herself in need of an escape, and she finds it when she gets superpowers. Initially falling into old patterns with her family, Kamala sets out on a journey to find out what it means to be at home. As the story progresses and Kamala discovers what kind of hero she should be, she comes closer to finding peace. This graphic novel will teach you how taking care of yourself can lead you closer to the life that you want. The story of Kamala Khan, who quickly became the breakout star of Marvel’s new Ms. Marvel series.

What is the plot of the story ?

Kamala Khan is a queer Muslim teen who aspires to be a hero, so she takes up the mantle of Ms. Marvel. Kamala has some pretty stereotypical things happen to her at school such as being the ‘queer’ and ‘Muslim’ girl, which means she’s unpopular and holds back from getting into a number of things. This is a direct challenge to stereotypes and the negative perceptions that young kids have of those who are different. As Kamala grows up her situation at school changes, but she still faces discrimination and social isolation in her life.
The main plot revolves around Kamala finding out who she is as a person, discovering who is good for her and what it means to be home.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Iman Vellani , Fawad Khan , and Shehryar Taseer (as Kamala Khan’s parents). Other actors include Hayley Atwell, Ben Kingsley. Kamala is a woman of color and she’s not just there for the shock factor; this is a role that really allows for a genuine experience from the main character. There’s two women who Kamala looks up to, Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) and Captain America, but one is more relatable than the other. The men in Kamala’s life are key to her figuring out how to be an adult and how she will act as Ms. Marvel once she gets her powers.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

The difficulties include Kamala, the struggling Muslim teen with a disability. This character is someone who struggles to find their place in an American society where not everybody respects them and they’re not accepted completely by all. As Ms. Marvel she’s at risk of being ostracized and hated by her own people if she chooses to take on the role. Growing up as an adolescent means that you have to deal with a lot of body changes and social interaction, which are also issues for Kamala. The most dangerous thing for her as a superhero is that she may lose touch with who she is even more and lose the balance that she’s worked to create.


What are the themes ?

The major themes are Kamala finding herself and discovering that she has a more place in her family. The book also teaches you the importance of facing who you really are and the struggle that comes with being a minority in society. At one point, you think Kamala is going to pick being Ms. Marvel over her family, but in reality, she realizes that her family needs her just as much as Ms. Marvel does. Kamala’s journey is particularly interesting because she has the blessing of being a superhero, but she also has to learn how to deal with her own life. All of her struggles are real and are ones that many people who do take on a superhero identity go through.

What’s the message ?

The message is that you’re not alone, you can find comfort in yourself and learn to embrace your life, because if you don’t it may be harder than it needs to be. As Ms Marvel, Kamala will deal with the most important issues of being a teenaged girl and goes through all kinds of difficulties that are very relatable for young people. What made you want to read this book ?
The fact that it’s a superhero book about a woman of color. Also, Kamala shows that anyone can be a superhero and one just needs to learn to accept themselves before they can really achieve their goals. She also shows that you don’t have to fit into any mold or stereotype in order to be who you are and what you want to be.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

I would recommend watching it because it has a lot of lessons that are relevant to young people. It’s also interesting to see how Kamala grows from a person who doesn’t want to fit in and doesn’t have much going on for her into someone who recognizes what she does have in her life. Thanks for reading !

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