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Joker 2: Todd Philips shares the title ” A Deux ” of the film.

Beware of the Joker… He wants to turn your nightmares into reality. Joker writer and director, Todd Phillips posted a photo on Instagram of a script cover confirming that he’s currently working on Joker 2—or as the script calls it, “Joker: “. On top of that, star Joaquin Phoenix expressed interest in reprising his role as Arthur Fleck in future films directed by Phillips. Phillips has not yet revealed much about the plot of the sequel; however he has stated that it will be “a story exploring Arthur Fleck’s (Joaquin Phoenix) journey from man to super villain.

What is the plot of the story ?

While we don’t know exactly what the plot of “Joker 2” is going to be about, Phillips has teased that it will explore the transformation of his protagonist from a failed stand up comedian into his persona as the Clown Prince of Crime. He has also hinted that it will take place in the 1980s, decades before Joker robs Gotham National Bank from Fleck’s perspective . This theory is supported by the setting of Jack Napier’s story in “”, as well as the sequel being announced as a period piece in the style of Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver”.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Joaquin Phoenix , Zazie Beetz , Brett Cullen , Marc Maron , Bill Camp , Robert De Niro , Frances Conroy , Glenn Fleshler and Douglas Hodge . The cast also features a number of people who have appeared in previous instalments of the franchise, including: Robert De Niro (Joker), Frances Conroy (Harley Quinn), Zazie Beetz (Margot), Bill Camp (Butch Gilzean/Penguin) and Marc Maron (Jester).

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What are the difficulties they face in the film ?

The film is expected to be the darkest and most disturbing of all the films in the DC Comics Universe, with a tone that will be very different from its predecessors. The story will focus on Arthur Fleck’s descent into his persona as the Joker. Joaquin Phoenix has described it as an “unhinged, freeform” take on the character . Phillips has also stated that he has a good amount of freedom to explore the storyline of Joker 2, and also claimed that it will steer away from any other Batman films as well as the superhero genre.


What are the themes ?

The film will address a theme of Arthur’s guilt. Arthur is in his late twenties, he has been doing comedy for about ten years and failed to make the big time. He works as a low-rent stand up comic, who resorts to cheap gimmicks such as heckling his own audience. Despite all this, he is still trying to pursue his dreams of becoming a great comedian. This gives him an inherent sense of guilt as he doesn’t feel like he deserves the adoration that comes with stardom .

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

Although no official antagonist has been confirmed, it is believed that Robert De Niro’s character from the previous instalment, The Comedian, will be the main villain of Joker 2. Comedian (De Niro) was born in 1940 and died circa 1989 . He is an American soldier and a former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was recruited by the agency before his retirement in 1975 to serve as an assassin. The role of The Bloodletter will be played by actor Frances Conroy , who previously portrayed Granny Goodness on “Superman: The Animated Series” and Circe on “Justice League”.

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What are the epic scenes ?

The famous Joker vs Alfred scene from The Dark Knight was implied to be a possibility for the film. The script offers what appears to be a version of the scene where Arthur goes to his grandfather’s grave site and releases his own demons, with Alfred in charge of trying to talk Arthur down. The script goes on further to describe a darker version of this scene which involves Arthur freaking out as he’s riding in an ambulance, with no idea why he has been taken there.

Would you recommend watching this ?

I highly recommend that you watch this, but only if you are a true fan of the “DC Extended Universe” or the original Dark Knight trilogy. It is not a good film for casual viewers with no knowledge of the past two billion chapters of comic books . Thanks for reading !


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