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Conjuring Kesha : Shows in the trailer that the Singer experience New Paranormal series .

Past the glitter and the glam of pop culture in Los Angeles, a dark underbelly lurks. From witches to witches Salem, it’s a town that seems to have an answer for everything. The beautifully-shot new series, “Kesha” dives deep into the unknown with celebrity guests and experts in the supernatural. In this series premiere episode, Kesha takes on vampires with Vampire hunter Amy’s help. The two women have one thing in common: They both have a special bond with children. Amy has been on the front lines fighting this dangerous breed of enemy and Kesha is determined to learn more about them.

What is the plot of the story ?

A friend of Kesha’s, Amy, is a self-taught vampire hunter. She has been on the front lines fighting the vampires in Hollywood and abroad. She wants Kesha to meet her vampire hunter team and join in the fight. A young vampire (a boy named Colton) falls in love with Kesha and wants to save her from Amy. The only way to do so is if he saves her from his vampire team, who will kill him if he fails. In order to save his life, Kesha chooses to go on a stake-out with Amy and her vampire hunter team. Colton goes off in search of the vampire’s nest where he must murder one of the vampires. As he attempts to do so, however, he is discovered and captured by another member of the team who wants to know if Colton is really human.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Kesha , Amy Schumer , Mark Christopher Lawrence , Hayley Marie Norman , Brandon James Austin and Steven Bauer. Kesha as the lead role (Kesha) . Amy Schumer as the mentor/leader of the vampire hunters (Amy). Mark Christopher Lawrence as “Colton” A young vampire up for being a part of this team. (Colton). Hayley Marie Norman  as “Rylyn” A young vampire hunter who can read minds and see into people’s souls. She wants to succeed her adoptive mother, Amy.

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What are the difficulties they face in the series ?

Kesha’s ambivalence about joining Amy and the “Vampire hunters” creates a rift in their relationship, despite the fact that they both have an obsession with children. Amy wants to keep Rylyn on her team and Rylyn doesn’t want to let her adoptive mother down. Colton is torn between his love for Kesha and his desire not to kill another vampire.


When Kesha finally decides to join Amy, she witnesses her in action with her “Vampire hunters.” However, when they capture one of the vampires, he turns out to be a baby who has been turned by one of his parents. Kesha reveals the truth to the rest of their team: She has been bitten by Colton, who is really a teenager. After this new revelation, Amy’s team decides to spare Colton’s life. They give him until sunrise to leave town. However, at sunrise, he turns into a bat and flies back to Kesha’s house.

What are the themes ?

The themes involve the theme of trust. Kesha trusts Colton, but she also doesn’t want to get bitten. Colton is afraid to stay in their house, which is surrounded by trees that are poisonous to him. Rylyn wants Amy and her team removed from her life, because she knows they are vampires who can read minds and see into people’s souls. The antagonist of the story is one of the vampire hunters. The unnamed character who captures Colton after he has tried to murder another vampire. This character wants to know if Colton is really human by using his senses.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

I definitely would have thought that it was only drama in the beginning. I think because one of the movies is about these vampire hunters, I thought they were vampires as well. But when they did start hunting down vampires, Thanks for reading !

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