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Bullet Train : Drops new trailer full of action and more of Brad Pitt Humor .

A group of assassins has been assembled for a difficult job. The team consists of five men, one from Tokyo and four from the countryside with no value as humans to society. They are tasked with killing someone who will bring destruction to Japan. The train itself is beautiful and offers a class that would cost thousands of dollars in any other country. The assassins have only the one task in mind to kill the target, and they have no problems with making use of the luxurious train. Assassination is not a difficult thing to do.

What is the plot of the story ?

It is  the story of five men becoming one, killing the target  . And breaking away from society to become assassins.” The person who has been selected as the target has turned her face away from society. She is the one who got a lot of attention from people . Because of her dowdy appearance .But she is also the one who is hated and despised by others. The target has a bright future ahead of them, but it will be stopped due to some shocking action.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Brad Pitt , Bad Bunny , Sandra Bullock , Anthony Hopkins , Paz Vega . Each character in the cast plays a different role. Brad Pitt : The leader, who can handle anything. A man with a cool and indifferent attitude towards the target. The cool and indifferent leader is the most powerful member of the team. Bad Bunny : A simple man with a twisted personality, who possesses great skills and is seemingly easy to use as a weapon of assassination. When in his normal state . He acts like an innocent boy playing around, but once angered he becomes very dangerous. Paz Vega : A simple girl who still has some hope left within her heart, who is quick to do any kinds of sacrifice she must do to survive.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

The team members discover one another’s agendas and begin to collaborate with each other. They also have to maintain their cool and unemotional behavior. The target of assassination has become aware of the team’s existence, which makes the jobs more difficult than ever before. There are two types of people who would like to make use of the team: those who realize that this is an opportunity to make a lot of money, and those who want to use them as a base for their evil plans. They are dispatched to different cities around Japan, but they all show up at the last minute in Morioka.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is a woman who is the target of assassination. For her there are two different goals: to protect herself and to destroy the chaos that appears in front of her eyes. Her goal is to keep herself safe, but she will do anything to get what she wants.
The team members will kill this woman without hesitation, but they will never be able to get their original lives back that were ruined by society.

They are all destined for death after carrying out their missions. As the story unfolds, the members of the assassination team will face various situations where they will have to kill one another. Each member has their own abilities that they use in killing their targets which are also a cause for envy among other assassins. The targets of assassination seem to be in different kinds of situations, but each one is destined for death. The assassins are forced to face each other and cooperate with them in order to complete their own mission.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

I would recommend this because it is easy to understand, it has no problem with the plot, and there are a lot of interesting characters. The storyline is not complex and there are a lot of new things that you can learn from it. Thanks for reading !

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