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‘Virgin River Season 5’ Everything We Know So Far

Virgin River Season 5

The streaming service, Netflix, will be premiering season 5 of the popular series, Virgin River. in late 2023. This article will recap everything we know about this season so far and what to expect. Virgin River has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows and is the perfect show for binge-watching if you need some relief from an intense drama or thriller. The first four seasons are currently available on Netflix and the fifth season is set to debut sometime in 2023. The series averages a rating of 7.4/10 on IMBD, which should be enough to get you excited for the next season. The series is based on a series of novels written by Robyn Carr, and season 5, like all seasons before it, will be 10 episodes long. The production is split between the United States and New Zealand and the show has been renewed for an additional two seasons. The show’s cast is mostly made up of actors and actresses you may have seen in other popular series before and the show has a lot to offer. To get you ready for the new season, we have put together a season summary with some information on what season 5 will hold.

Who is in the cast?

  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda
  • Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan
  • Colin Lawrence as John
  • Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes
  • Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts
  • Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea
  • Tim Matheson as Vernon
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady
  • Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky 
  • Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie 

Release Date:

In September 2021, the fourth and fifth season of the series was renewed, well there is no announcement has been made regarding the fifth season’s release date.

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What is the series about? 

Melinda “Mel” Monroe (Holly Robinson Peete) is a successful OB-GYN who, after an intense incident that almost claimed her life, decides to start over and move to the small town of Virgin River. She takes an ad in the local newspaper that advertises for a midwife and nurse practitioner. Still dealing with the trauma of an abusive marriage, Melinda has to learn how to trust people again. The town she moves to consists mainly of men who are either alone or married with children. She finds herself surrounded by a lot of drama and feels out of place when she realizes that everyone knows each other but her. Her journey and growth are what make the series what it is.

What makes this series interesting? 

If you are not a fan of the show yet, I encourage you to give it try. Virgin River is an emotional and powerful drama with great character development. The series is based on books by author Robyn Carr, who has written over two dozen books as part of her Virgin River series. Compared to other Netflix shows, this one is not as intense or action-packed but it has plenty of drama and it does include some violence. There is a wide variety of characters in the show, including men and women that you get to know throughout the season. The stories that play out are varied, with some focusing more on Melinda’s journey while others tell more about the townspeople.

Who can watch this series? 

Virgin River is a drama, which means it does contain some adult content. The show does not contain graphic sex or violence and features many intimate scenes with some of the characters. If you are looking for a lighthearted comedy with plenty of romance, this is not the show for you. Virgin River also has an all-female cast, which will not appeal to everyone.


What are the reviews? 

Every season of Virgin River scored at least a 90% on IMBD. This season will be no different, and I am more than confident that you will enjoy it as much as you do the first four seasons. The show is held in high regard by many fans, and even just on IMBD, the ratings speak for themselves.

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