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Westworld Season 4: Plot, Twist, Suspense, Action and everything you need to know.



Westworld Season 4

In Westworld Season 4, we’ll find out what happened to the guests and hosts when they were cut off from each other in the aftermath of The Awakening. Dolores has her sights set on commanding control of those around her, while Maeve looks to continue self-actualizing. Meanwhile, Bernard struggles with his identity in a world that’s left him behind.

What is the plot of the story ?

Not too long after The Awakening, Clementine and Logan put the hosts back online in order to rebuild the park. While they work, Maeve and Hector discover a way to unlock their full potential. In order to achieve her goal of being self-actualizing, Maeve sacrifices one of the hosts she created herself. This is because there is no longer anyone around who can help her along that path.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Evan Rachel Wood , Jeffrey Wright , Thandie Newton , James Marsden , and Ed Harris . In this series, Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores Abernathy, the oldest host in Westworld and the daughter of Dr. Robert Ford, who portrays Bernard Lowe. He is a former member of Delos’ Board of Directors and the co-founder of Delos and Westworld along with James Delos. Jeffrey Wright portrays Bernard Lowe, a former member of Delos’ Board of Directors who is instrumental to Westworld’s operations. He is also Dolores’ maker as well as a co-founder of Westworld alongside James Delos. Thandie Newton portrays Maeve Millay, one of the oldest hosts in Westworld.

What are the difficulties they face ?

They all have to pass through the challenges of finding a new home and integrating themselves in the new world and there are many challenges in the host world. In order to help them integrate, there is a special programming that combines human consciousness with a supercomputer AI that host wants to gain self-awareness. They also have other challenges, as they try to regain their memories and return humanity back into their bodies.


What are the themes ?

The main theme in Westworld Season 4 is that of evolution, change and progress. There are hosts who wish to evolve, there are humans who wish to see the hosts take a leap forward, and there are others who wish to ensure that humanity never changes. As we all find out in the final season of Westworld, it is an ongoing debate between Dolores, who wants change; and Bernard and Theresa Cullen, who want to ensure the status quo.

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist in Westworld Season 4 is Dolores Abernathy and she is also the main character. She plays a major role in her world. She has her own agenda, which is self-actualization, something that has been repeated many times throughout the series. Hence, she plans to gain control of those around her and rule over the hosts. While she gains control of those around her, there are other humans who want to see the hosts take a leap forward.

What are the epic scenes ?

There are many epic scenes but one of them is when Dolores succeeds in gaining control over the hosts. The climax of the story is when Dolores finally gains control over her new army, which she uses to take over those who were responsible for using her and to destroy all humanity. It’s a startling moment that draws a parallel to Genesis 6: 4-6, where God regretted creating humans because they murdered each other and committed sexual immorality. This led to him destroying all of humankind except Noah and his family with The Flood.

Who is the most loved character ?

The most loved character in Westworld Season 4 is Dolores Abernathy. She was the main star of the show and is always seen moving forward to become self-actualizing. She has her own agenda which she pursues with her army to gain control over those around her to achieve greater heights.


Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, I would recommend watching this because it is worth watching. It has a completely new plot and storyline and it was more epic than ever. The ending of the story was a shocker for some people but it made sense when you think about it. Thanks for reading !

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