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Top Gun: Maverick: Tom Cruise gets the highest Grossing film of 2022.

In the beginning of Top Gun, Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is being forced to retire by that most dreaded institution, the military. As he leaves the Navy in 1978 after a 30-year career as an aviator, Maverick finds himself passing out of Top Gun and sent to work in a civilian company that is teaching pilots how to fly jet planes. However, it doesn’t take long for him to catch everyone’s attention when he enters another fighter jet at full throttle and proceeds to break multiple world records.

What is the plot of the story ?

Maverick is a Navy pilot who has been sent to a civilian company to teach pilots how to fly and break world records. He soon shows that he is the best pilot in the business, and he gets called back for an assignment with Top Gun. The purpose of this assignment will be to prepare pilots for a special mission. Maverick must also deal with his old rival Iceman, as well as making sure that he does not fall in love with his best friend Charlotte Blackwood. Maverick faces many challenges during the movie, including whether he will get fired or not by an admiral who thinks he is reckless and dangerous.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Tom Cruise , Miles Teller , Val Kilmer , Jennifer Connelly , Glen Powell , Ed Harris and Jon Hamm . In the role of Maverick, Cruise plays a US Navy pilot who has to leave the service after a 30-year career. The story begins with Maverick told by his superior not to fly again. This is just one of many problems he has to deal with during the movie.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

As Maverick is about to be fired he meets a woman, Charlotte Blackwood. Their relationship becomes complicated when she is assigned as his wingman on the mission. Tom Cruise plays Maverick throughout the entire movie, but also stars in many other movies such as Oblivion, and then Mission Impossible 2. Val Kilmer plays Iceman when he first meets Maverick in the movie. Val is well known for his performance in Top Gun, the Beautiful Mind, and Batman Forever.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist of the movie is portrayed by Edward James Olmos, who played Admiral William J. Moore in Deep Impact, as well as many other movies. Admiral Moore wants to get Maverick fired because he does not want him to crash any of his planes. Iceman will go along with the plan because he wants to get back at a senior officer. This results in Maverick being forced to retire from the Navy, which he despises and becomes filled with revenge on those around him.

What are the epic scenes ?

The movie starts with Maverick pushing a fighter jet to nearly the speed of sound. This is followed by a dramatic concert, where Maverick performs a night landing in his jet. This made the movie even more exciting. His final performance is midair collision with another jet fighter and the spectacular crash on an aircraft carrier. The most loved character is Maverick, because he is the main character in the movie. He drives an old Porsche with a tiger on the side of it and also has a pet dog named Goose. Top Gun was one of the highest grossing movies at that time.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

Top Gun is a great movie to watch if you are a fan of action, romance and drama. If you do not like to see death or destruction then this movie is not for you. This is an awesome movie that is filled with action and excitement. It does have a lot of violent scenes that may be inappropriate for young children because they do show shooting and killing. Thanks for reading !

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