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Ticket to Paradise : George Clooney and Julia Roberts are all set to reunite in the movie .

We’ve traveled to the farthest reaches of the Earth, from Alaska to Patagonia. We’ve gone where no other couple has dared to go before, and have enjoyed every minute of it. But this time, we’re not alone. It’s not just a vacation we’re after — it’s a ticket back home. Twenty-five years ago our daughter walked out on us and then later called us asking for money so she could escape her unhappy marriage in Bali and come home to America.

What is the plot of the story?

Our daughter is a young girl, who is not only grown up, but has 4 kids of her own. We are a couple who have seen the world, and still live in their apartment in New York City. Our story begins when our daughter calls us out of the blue for a favor: she needs money to come home so she can escape her unhappy marriage in Bali with her “child” and travel to America. She claims that she will make enough money to support herself toward the end of the trip.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Julia Roberts , George Clooney , Lucas Bravo , Joey Tribbiani and a thousand others. The roles are made up of our daughter, a refugee from Bali, her “child” she carries with her at all times named Peck, and ourselves, as patrons of their journey. Julia Roberts portrayed the role of our daughter. George Clooney was cast as our daughter’s husband and Joey Tribbiani was also in the film for a small role.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

The difficulties they face were those of any other journey through life. No matter how hard things seem, it’s important to see the good in every situation, especially when everything is being shown in a negative light. When traveling to a foreign country, culture and language barrier must be overcome.
However, if you are persistent enough and have the open mindedness to understand that others may have different ideals from your own, you will be able to find a common ground with others and learn from each other in the process. Themes of this story are the same as any other journey we have had. Two people who have grown up together, become distant over time and are now reconnecting to share what experiences they have been through.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is the other half of this story. She becomes the antagonist when she begins traveling to Bali to interrupt our daughter and kidnap her child, Peck. She believes that she knows best for our daughter how to raise her children and how she should behave during their trip. The motive of the antagonist is money, and she will stop at nothing to get millions of dollars from us in order to pay off her husband’s debt by borrowing money from banks using our credit card.

What are the epic scenes ?

Our epic scenes include what can be considered the epic battle between Julia Roberts and Joey Tribbiani. The theme of this scene is that you never know who you will meet on your journey through life. You might end up making an enemy from your friend, or a friend from an enemy. Meetings and partings are like this sometimes. It’s our job as human beings to take a deep breath and remember that these things happen for a reason, and we have to accept them for what they are.

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Who is the most loved character ?

The most loved character is our daughter. She becomes the most loved character when you realize that she did not abandon us, but we abandoned her. Her husband and children became her family after she left us 25 years ago; they were the ones who helped her carry on and raise her child. This story would not have happened without them.

Would you recommend watching this ?

We recommend watching this movie because we believe the real world is more beautiful and miraculous than anything you will see on television. Even though this movie may cause you to feel sad at times, it will remind you that there are things in life that cannot be bought or sold, and that there is no price to pay for true love. Thanks for reading !



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