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The Sci-FI Drama Series ‘Foundation’ Coming With Season 2

It looks like Apple TV+’s adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series will be getting a second season. It was confirmed as they announced they had a release date window to give and even released the teaser trailer. The Sci-Fi drama series is based on the novel written by Asimov and which was originally published in 1951. It is also an award-winning novel that has influenced various authors around the world.  The production studio behind the series is Skydance Television and they are also known to be the creator of other shows such as Altered Carbon, Jack Ryan, and Amazon’s Jack Ryan. Season 1 of the series was released In October 2021 and it was limited in availability and was only available on Apple TV+. Apple has not yet confirmed what season 2 of this Sci-Fi drama series will be. There appeared to be 8 episodes coming out of season 1 and they also have not revealed whether season 2 will be exclusive to Apple or it will be available for all potential streaming platforms too.

Who is in the cast?

  • Lou Llobell as Gaal Dornick
  • Jared Harris as Hari Seldon
  • Lee Pace as Brother Day
  • Leah Harvey as Salvor Hardin
  • Sasha Behar as Mari
  • Laura Birn as Demerzel
  • Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk
  • Elliot Cowan as Lewis Pirenne
  • Daniel MacPherson as Hugo
  • Kubbra Sait as Phara
  • Pravessh Rana as Rowan
  • Nikhil Parmar as Freestone
  • Cassian Bilton as Brother Dawn
  • Jairaj Varsani as Poly
  • Chloe Lea as Gia
  • Clarke Peters as Abbas
  • Amy Tyger as Azura
  • Buddy Skelton as Keir

Release Date:

The first season of the series was released on September 24, 2021, and renewed for the second season in October 2021 which is scheduled to be released sometime in 2023.

What is the series about? 

The series covers the story of the Galactic Empire some 1000 years after the death of the last Emperor. It covers how a group of exiles trying to figure out how to save the Galactic Empire from destruction. Two main characters struggle for truth and find out what is going on in this part of space. In season 1, we get more background information about each character like we see their past and how they ended up in this part of space. We also learn about how they were trained as soldiers for the Empire and see them being loyal to it at first. And later on, we get to see how their past came back to haunt them. We also see how each character struggled with the knowledge and how they tried to deal with it.

What fans are expecting from season 2?

 Many fans are excited to see season 2 coming out and what we can expect from it. Many fans believe that Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novel is rich with stories, so they hope that season 2 will have more background stories of the main characters and the galaxy they reside in. Many fans are hoping season 2 will come out in 2023. For those who want a bit of action, the trailer also shows an attack on Paden City and its citizens. We don’t know why there’s an attack but from what we see in the trailer, it looks like there’s some chaos going on. The video is also rich with CGI, so we can expect to see some great visuals and special effects in the upcoming season.

What makes this series interesting? 

One of the reasons why this series is a winner is that it is based on a popular novel by Isaac Asimov. Those who have read his Foundation series will love to see how they are represented in this series. And as an award-winning novel, many people know about it and many want to hear the story told in different ways. This makes this series very interesting and exciting for fans of Isaac’s work.


Who can watch this series? 

As a Sci-Fi drama series, it is nice that it’s mostly based on Isaac Asimov’s work. It also follows the style of shows that are in the same way. It looks like this series will be great for those who enjoy Sci-Fi and other types of fantasy stories.

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