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The Orville: Season 3 Episodes Will Be Set to release as a Novella

The Orville

FOX has canceled the TV series The Orville after two seasons and 16 episodes, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to see their season 3 episode “Mad Idolatry” at all. Series lead and showrunner Seth MacFarlane announced on Twitter that he would be releasing the episode as a standalone novella. The show was created by Seth MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki with Brannon Braga, David A. Goodman, Jason Clark, and Naren Shankar serving as executive producers on the series.

Introduction to the Orville

Breaking down the barriers to space exploration, one spaceship at a time. The Orville is a mid-sized exploratory cruiser leased out by Planetary Union for scientific missions to find life on other planets and explore new worlds. The crew of the Orville always aims for humor and happy endings, but their explorations are often hindered by problems like hostile alien species ready for battle or deep space dangers like asteroid fields or nebulas that can destroy ships without warning. The Orville is a floating laboratory filled with the latest in scientific equipment and technology, but no matter how many upgrades it gets, it still can’t escape being a spaceship and a science vessel at the same time.

Name of the characters in The Orville

Here are celebritys’ names mentioned below:

Norm Macdonald as Yaphet
Halston Sage also played as Lt. Alara Kitan
Rob Lowe as Darulio
Seth MacFarlane as Ed Mercer
Chad Coleman also played as Klyden
Bruce Willis as Groogen
Michaela McManus as Janel Tyler
Adrianne Palicki also played Kelly Grayson
BJ Tanner as Marcus Finn
Giorgia Whigham as Lella
Kyra Santoro as Ensign Jenny Turco
Emerson Bro as Mo clan


The storyline of the Orville

In the year 2418, the Union sends down a well-equipped crew to explore a newly discovered world, Hawaii. But when their mission gets interrupted by an attack from the Kaladonian Empire, they find themselves faced with more questions than answers. The Orville is a show that combines science fiction with humor and drama to bring you something we’ve never seen before. The crew of The Orville will explore new worlds while discovering what it means to be human.

The show follows the crew led by Captain Ed Mercer and his First Officer, Commander Kelly Grayson. Together they have to deal with a variety of criminals and threats that arise. The rest of the crew is comprised of the Chief of Security, Alara Kitan; the helmsman, Gordon Malloy; Isaac, an artificial life-form who used to be equipped with artificial emotions; and Dr. Claire Finn, who supervises the Medical Department on board.

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The series revolves around the crew of the U.S.S Orville, a mid-level exploratory vessel tasked with making first contact and also diplomatic missions as it is never officially part of any “super awesome space adventures”. The ship is administered by Ed Mercer (played by Seth MacFarlane), an all-American surgeon with a passion for helping his ship but who suffers from an almost crippling fear of the future. Granted command of the Orville, he sets it on a course to become a “fantastic and unparalleled naval vessel” while still managing to keep his young daughter Kelly (played by Adrianne Palicki) in line. Although the Orville crew is at times colorful and comical, they are joined by an impressive cast of characters who don’t always buy into Mercer’s way of doing things. First Officer Lt. Cmdr.

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