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The Boys : Eric Kripe teases fans with their New Promo ahead of Episode 7 release .

It’s time to look in the mirror and ask: have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Sometimes it’s not just the power, it’s the responsibility. There is no barrier between us and our heroes, which means that their flaws will be representative of our own. Though we can’t stop bad things from happening – that would just make for boring stories – we must always strive for hope.

What is the plot of the story ?

This is the story of a young man named Billy Butcher, who aims to join an elite team of superheroes named “The Seven”. The only problem is that his power lies in killing. So now he has to prove himself worthy of being part of the team by killing four other super powered individuals.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Antony Starr , Karl Urban , Olivia Munn and Steve Byers . Billy Butcher : He plays the role of a vigilante who kills criminals. He eventually joins The Seven, a group of superheroes that reside in a Manhattan stronghold. Billy’s life direction changes when he is tasked with killing four other super powered individuals. The Homelander : Arguably the most powerful member of The Seven and also its leader, Homelander represents American patriotism at its finest and whitest .

What are the difficulties they face ?

The biggest difficulty for the all characters is being in constant battle with The Seven. They constantly try to prove themselves by killing other superheroes and only victory against The Seven will do. Freedom vs. Responsibility . Lastly, this film touches on the idea of what it means to be a hero and what it means to be a villain. Billy, who at one time does not have to think too deeply about his murders, slowly learns about what truly makes each and every one of us human.


What are the themes ?

The theme of the film is very much in line with the title “The Boys” – it is a film about men and their relationship to power and responsibility. Themes such as growing up, coming of age, and being true to yourself are also prevalent throughout the duration of the movie.

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Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is Homelander. Throughout the story, he tries to rule the superheroes with a strong and absolute hand. In the final chapter, he has to answer for his past actions against Billy Butcher and The Seven, and one of his former charges has something to say about it.
Billy Butcher gains the trust of Homelander after he has killed four other superheroes so the Homelander can gain a powerful weapon that can decimate The Seven. But he has to prove himself worthy. The main group, The Eleven, is taken down by Homelander in a very cool fight scene. Billy makes it out alive and Homelander is faced with a choice to either let him go or take him out as well. Ultimately he lets Billy go, but only after days of reflection.

Who is the most loved character ?

Probably Homelander, even if the reader has a hard time liking him. The Homelander is an unstoppable force, extremely powerful and very arrogant. He’s a true superman who thinks he is above all others because of his power. Homelander is always trying to keep the superheroes in line and not get them killed because he believes he knows what is best for them.

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes. The Boys is a great movie for action fans. It’s not the type of film where the super villains have some crazy plan that only the hero could ever stop, and it doesn’t have some lame twist ending.



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