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National Treasure: Plot, Twist, Suspense, Action and everything you need to know.

The National Treasure is a treasure-hunting adventure film series created by Jerry Bruckheimer, produced by him and Jim Kouf, and directed by Jon Turteltaub. It stars Nicolas Cage, Harvey Keitel, Jon Voight, Diane Kruger, Sean Bean and Justin Bartha. The National Treasure (1999) was the first film in the series directed by Turteltaub and it introduced Cage’s character Benjamin Franklin Gates as an American treasure hunter who is searching for his own personal treasure of lost gold from America’s history.

What is the plot of the story ?

Benjamin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is a treasure hunter who is a specialist in finding lost artefacts, but he has no training in history. In the series, Gates is searching for the Lewis and Clark expeditionary coins believed to be buried somewhere in the U.S. There are many spectacular and very informative shots taken from aeroplanes and helicopters, but perhaps one of the most memorable shots was when Gates was flying through a snowstorm.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Nicolas Cage , Diane Kruger , Justin Bartha , Sean Bean , Harvey Keitel , Jon Voight and Christopher Plummer . Nicolas Cage portrayed the role of Benjamin Franklin Gates . Diane Kruger portrayed the role of Abigail Chase . Justin Bartha portrayed the role of Riley Poole . Sean Bean portrayed the role of Ian Howe . Harvey Keitel portrayed the role of Patrick Gates . Jon Voight was featured as Dr. John , and he also wrote a book about Benjamin Frankiln Gates entitled ‘ The Secret History: A Novel ‘, in which Dr. John is a character who helps Ben uncover a treasure.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

While Ben is on a plane, someone suddenly appears with a gun and the plane lands. He then meets up with Abigail Chase who tells him that she believes they have found the treasure. Ben’s father was supposed to be with them but, before they left, Dr. Chase told Ben that he didn’t believe he should go. Ben decided to stay with his father and so now regrets not being on that chopper. He finds out that Ian Howe had something to do with it – he knew where the coins were and let everyone else take the risk of retrieving them.


What are the themes ?

Ben is a treasure hunter, but Ben is also a historian. He enjoys history, and finds it very fascinating. In this film, there are many historical figures in the fictional story, including Benjamin Franklin and Lewis and Clark. The theme of being true to oneself can also be seen when Ben talks about his love for history with Riley Poole (Christopher Plummer). Ben also likes to quote Thomas Jefferson. The theme of survival can be seen in the film as Abigail has left her husband Ian Howe at the last minute to go on this mission with Ben alone.

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is Ian Howe, and his motives are to find the treasure for himself. He is Ben’s friend and he is using him to get the treasure. In the first scene of the film, Ben is flying through a snowstorm and landing in a field. He gets out of his plane and sees that there is blood on the ground . He then meets up with Abigail Chase who tells him that she believes they have found the treasure. Abigail Chase also mentions that Jonathan Smith, one of her boyfriends, believed Ben was looking for something.

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Who is the most loved character ?

Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is the most loved character because he’s very good at what he does and is a wise, kind and strong man. In the film, Ben explains that he believes there are two kinds of people in life – people with talent and those who have none. Ben also explains that if you have no talent, it’s important to make up for it with hard work. Benjamin Franklin Gates is a treasure hunter who is on a quest to find the lost treasure from Lewis & Clark in the United States. He searches for a missing piece of parchment that leads to this treasure.

Would you recommend watching this ?

The film is very entertaining, and it’s easy to follow the plot. It has lots of action and adventure as well. Since the film is based on a historical event in the US, it’s also educational.
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