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Minions: The Rise of Gru : Plot , Twist , Suspense , Action and everything you need to know .

When a team of misfits find themselves outcasts from the rest of the world, who can they trust but each other? As a new young villain with an unusual amount of power, Gru has to prove himself and his fellow Minions he’s worthy of being their leader. With some great twists and turns along the way, “The Rise of Gru” is a heartwarming adventure full of humor and warm moments.

What is the plot of the story ?

“The Rise of Gru” is the part 2 of the Despicable Me series featuring Gru’s Minions. It takes place years before the first movie. The story begins with an interview, when a journalist asks Gru to tell him his favorite villainous moment of all time. During this interview, Gru shows several clips from his life. The story then goes back 3 years to when Gru meets with Dr. Nefario and they plan to steal a Shrink Ray from Evil’s Toy Box (ETX).

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Steve Carell , Michelle Yeoh , Benjamin Bratt , Steve Coogan , Miranda Cosgrove , Elsie Kate Fisher and Dana Gaier in the main roles. Each character portrayed the role as Gru’s Minions. Steve Carell portrayed the role of Gru, Benjamin Bratt portrayed the role of Lucy, Steve Coogan portrayed the role of Lyle, Miranda Cosgrove portrayed the role of Edith and Elsie Kate Fisher portraying the role of Agnes. Dana Gaier portrayed the role of Margo.

What are the difficulties they face ?

There are several difficulties they face during their journey to conquer Evil’s Toy Box. Many people and villains try to stop them from succeeding. The first thing they must deal with is the media. While trying to escape from Gru, they encounter the news team at a gas station. They report that Lucy’s mother died in a car accident which upsets Lucy and leads her to attack the news crew members including reporter Denise Tomlinson who is filming when Gru arrives and takes her hostage with his fake teeth. After Agnes accidentally activates his second shrink ray, Gru and Lucy run around making as much noise as possible in order to draw attention away from themselves.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is Eduardo and his Minions. Eduardo, an evil villain from Brazil who is one of Gru’s rivals. His motive is that he wants to be the villain who finally finishes off Gru for good, instead of being seen as a coward and a crybaby like he currently does. Gru is interviewed by a journalist while Nostalgia Critic, Lucy and Gru are on their way back to America after their failed attempt of stealing the shrink ray. At this point of the movie, tension builds up between Lucy and Gru as he has to choose who will win. The interview however turns out to be dangerous for everybody in the room except for Gru who hides under a table covered with newspapers (Which appear to be fake) as he’s being asked about his childhood and what his favorite villains have been since then.

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Who is the most loved character ?

The most loved character is Gru’s Minions. Gru’s Minions love him and each other, but it’s also shown that each one of them has a special relationship with their leader . Gru’s Minions are characters created by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment that appear in Despicable Me films, Minions films and the television series. They are all speaking yellow minions with a heart-shaped red button on their heads . They serve as Gru’s henchmen, assistants and surrogate children.

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, I would recommend watching this movie to people above 10 years as it might be a bit boring for kids below 4 years . The Despicable Me movies are great and funny , full of comical characters with many amusing moments and interesting twists and turns. The Minions adds the extra humor to the movie. Thanks for reading !

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