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Katie Holmes and Jim Sturgess Forge Love in the Age of COVID in ‘Alone Together’ Trailer

Alone Together

It’s a Sci-Fi thriller about a world ravaged by pandemics and climate change, where people live in self-sufficient communities, only venturing out to trade goods with other settlements. When one of the villages crosses paths with another they’ve never seen before, tensions run high as they both fight for control of the little resources they’ve found.

But when two young people from different worlds meet and unwittingly create a device that changes everything forever, their relationship crumbles under the weight of greed and paranoia.’

Introduction to Alone Together

In the 16th century, a man named Gesner told his friends that he was working to find out the “force of all earthly creatures.” Though he never found it in that lifetime, this pioneering scholar and historian eventually shaped our understanding of the natural world.

We are launching a new series on Alone Together that hopes to make Gesner’s dream come true on our watch.


“The force of all earthly creatures” can be thought of as the idea that nature doesn’t exist in isolation. The blue whale and a teaspoon of water are both made of hydrogen atoms. Seeds left in the ground grow into new plant life, which feeds other living things like birds and insects, which then get eaten by other animals, and so on. Trees, oceans, mountains, rivers, and humans all depend on one another for survival—and we are all connected in some way.

Name of the characters in Alone Together

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Liza Soberano as Christine Lazaro
Enrique Gil as Rafael Toledo
Nonie Buencamino as Sir Alwyn
Richard Manabat as Manong Rey
Sylvia Sanchez as Hilda
Mary Joy Apostol as Reese
Adrian Alandy as Greg
Xia Vigor as Aisha
Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Aly
Gabby Padilla as Alex
Reven Bryan Dela Peña as Christine’s Friend
Shaira Jane Maguiguilid as Christine’s Friend
Paula Barredo as Christine’s Friend
Lilit Reyes
Hidilyn Diaz
Victor Villanueva
Dana Salonga
Ara Chowdhury

The storyline of Alone Together

If you’ve been waiting for a new season of American Horror Story, well, you probably shouldn’t. The show has been renewed for three more seasons, but they’ll be unrelated to the main show. This means that the next season will have a whole new cast and storyline. (Source: TV by the Numbers).


For now, though, the main show is still going strong. This week’s episode was intriguing as it showed just how far Ben will go to help Vivian achieve her goals. We also found out that she is dying and that she sacrificed her humanity to gain power and live for a long time.

We couldn’t help but wonder how this season will end, so we looked ahead to see what roads the writers might take and came up with these two possibilities.

‘Alone Together,’ Katie Holmes’ Pandemic-Themed Rom-Com, Gets Its First Look

The 39-year-old actress has signed on as the leading lady of movie studio Lionsgate’s new romantic comedy Alone Together, and judging from the first stills from the film, it might be one of her most refreshingly unusual roles yet.

Alone Together stars Holmes as Gwen, who moves with her young son Oliver to a quaint New England town where the main attraction is a women’s prison. That’s where she gets a job as a criminal psychologist who soon begins to bond with her first client, Charlotte (Rosario Dawson).


The Plot: The film follows the two women as they unravel the truth about why someone would want to murder Charlotte, which then cuts back and forth between Gwen and Charlotte’s pasts.

So, what do you think about Alone Together?

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