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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness : Reveals new look at the MCU Illuminati .

In the first installment of this Marvel series, we saw Dr Stephen Strange as he became a masterful sorcerer after a horrific car accident. In the sequel, we see him cast one of the most powerful spells ever – and it wipes out half of New York City in the process. Fortunately, before it was too late and they were all killed by a dark entity from another dimension, Doctor Strange’s team saved themselves with time magic. And now they’re back on Earth to do some more damage control for their soon-to-be mortal ally.

What is the plot of the story ?

The story begins with Strange and Wong trying to stabilize the magic in Manhattan. They head to the New York Public Library, where the city’s core is supposed to be kept. However, once they arrive, they are attacked by a group of Mindless Ones who were summoned by Kaecilius’ followers (and who were thankfully defeated by Strange in the first film). After they’ve defeated them all, they find out that something very strange happened during their battle as New York City is now missing its entire population except for four individuals .

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Elizabeth Olsen , Benedict Cumberbatch , Rachel McAdams , Scott Adkins , Michael Stuhlbarg . Elizabeth Olsen portrayed the role of the Sorceress of the Dark Dimension, who is trying to unleash a group of Mindless Ones on Earth. She is a power-hungry sorceress who is going through a crisis of confidence with her magic and seeks help from Doctor Strange . Benedict Cumberbatch played the role of Doctor Stephen Strange , the Sorcerer Supreme and leader of this team that saved New York City. In fact, he also was responsible for casting one of Earth’s most powerful spells – but it had uncontrollable consequences.  Peters Hospital whose life takes a turn for the worst after she uses magic to save an infant child in her care.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

While the four surviving individuals in New York still believe that Strange’s magic is a good thing, many people on Earth are worried about what the magic might do to the planet. Some of them believe that Strange’s spell can bring the end of humanity and others just want him to stop already. The main theme is that of power, as villains and heroes (you know who they are) use it to their own ends. We also see how people can be swayed by peer pressure – which can be very dangerous when you’re dealing with life or death matters.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension. The Mindless Ones were easily defeated by Doctor Strange and he knows that the next time their paths cross, he won’t be able to stop them without help. However, Strange’s arrogance prevents him from believing that a powerful sorcerer like Dormammu can actually do any damage on Earth. But when a mysterious woman asks for his help to save her family from people who are trying to kill them because of their magic powers, he realizes that he cannot leave them alone and so, he decides to help them .

What are the epic scenes ?

The first one was when the Sorcerer Supreme joined forces with the other powerful sorcerers to defeat their common enemy, saving Earth in the process. The second scene is of Doctor Strange fighting his nemesis, the leader of these Mindless Ones. The third one is where he finally helps that young family with their problems and tries to convince them that they should use their magic powers wisely. The most loved character is Doctor Strange himself as we see him cast a powerful spell that saves New York City from total destruction, but he also continues to fight for the good of humanity and offers his help even to those who are strangers to him.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

This is a good Marvel movie if you want to see the adventures of a high-flying superhero who uses his magic to save the planet but at the same time he has problems with his own arrogance. However, despite all of this, Doctor Strange still endears himself to us because they extol the virtues of growing with presence and humility. Thanks for reading !



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