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‘D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!’ is a new Netflix documentary series. investigates a well-known folk legend

, D.B. Cooper: Where Are You

A new Netflix documentary series, D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!, reexamines the story of an infamous folk legend. The series will cover all angles of the case, starting with how Cooper parachuted from a plane after robbing a Seattle bank in 1971, never to be seen again. (The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are still investigating the case).

The series release arrives at the same time that the FBI has announced it’s no longer actively investigating the case, having exhausted all leads. The FBI is encouraging those with information to come forward.

Introduction to D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?

D.B. Cooper, also known as Dan Cooper or DB Cooper is a man who hijacked an airplane in 1971, extorted $200,000 in ransom ($500K in today’s money), and then parachuted out of the aircraft with the ransom strapped to his body. This happened during a time when air travel was much less commonplace and much more dangerous than it is now. This was before the days of the airport and aircraft security, so there were no metal detectors or x-ray scanners in use. This case has never been solved and is still a very hot topic of conversation among conspiracy theorists and even folks that aren’t really into conspiracy theories at all. The mystery surrounding this unsolved crime is much like the Jack the Ripper case was to Londoners in 1896.

Name of the characters in D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:


Jo Weber
Duane Weber
Tim Collins
Tina Mucklow
William Rataczak
Bill Mitchell
Bob Fuhriman
Harold ‘Andy’ Anderson
Pat Forman
Ron Forman
Barbara Dayton
Marla Cooper
L.D. Cooper
Geoffrey Gray
Jerry Thomas
Frank Montoya Jr.
Richard Floyd McCoy
Ben Anjewierden

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The storyline of D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?

A man parachutes out of the plane into the night and becomes an enduring, worldwide mystery. The D.B. Cooper hijacked Northwest Orient flight #305 with a bomb in his briefcase and ransom money in his pocket. He told the stewardess he was “Dan Cooper”. At Seattle-Tacoma airport, he demanded and received $200,000 in cash. The FBI immediately launched one of the biggest manhunts in U.S. history, but no trace of him was found. On November 24th, a boy discovered $5,880 of Cooper’s ransom money (20 $100 bills) under a bridge on the banks of the Columbia River near Vancouver, Wash.

What Was the Identity of DB Cooper, the Man Who Stole $1.4 Million but Then Faded away?

One of the most infamous unsolved heists in American history is the daring robbery of $1.2 million from a passenger airliner in 1971. What occurred during and after the hijacking, as well as what happened to DB Cooper, is still one of this country’s great mysteries–whose solution remains a tantalizing and near-impossible pursuit for true crime enthusiasts.

DB Cooper, aka Dan Cooper, was a professional and experienced man who was also an accomplished pilot with a wealth of flight-related experience. He was also a dedicated con artist and master of disguise. He boarded United Airlines Flight 305 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport under the alias Richard David Miller.


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