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Avatar: The Way of Water: Kate Winslet first look poster photos are finally out.

At the heart of Avatar: The Way of Water is a story about family. Jake Sully and Neytiri must leave their home to explore Pandora in search for answers as to why the humans are invading their planet. As Jake’s world expands, so does his relationship with his new wife and allies. They eventually form a family, which is challenged yet again when an ancient threat resurfaces.

What is the plot of the story ?

The plot of The Way of Water is about a human soldier, who had a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with the love of his life and the two were instantly connected by fate. They then got married, but the story doesn’t end there. After the battle with the humans ends, they have to go out on a journey to try and find answers and stop the invasion.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Sam Worthington , Zoe Saldana , Sigourney Weaver , Stephen Lang , Giovanni Ribisi , Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder , Laz Alonso , Wes Studi , Peter Mensah and Laz Alonso. Neytiri, the love of Jake’s life, married him and they are now a family. They have been through a lot together and they are inseparable. Jake is a human soldier whose loyalties were tested when he met Neytiri on an Avatar mission in the first film . Unlike the other humans, Jake honors his connection with his new family and is willing to risk everything to save them. Neytiri is a strong-willed Na’vi princess who trusts her husband and supports his decision to stand up against the humans.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

The main difficulties for Jake and Neytiri are about the distance. They don’t know each other but their hearts are filled with love. In order to know each other, they have to leave the Na’vi world and travel to human territory. They have to avoid making the same mistakes twice and travel through different landscapes. However, the Na’vi and humans are at war, so Jake and Neytiri’s journey is not an easy one.


What are the themes ?

The themes of this film include family, bravery, love and separated relationships. The family theme is one of the most important ones because it is a very important element in all movies. Family affects everyone’s lives, which makes it a highly interesting theme to watch in any movie, whether you like comedies or dramas.

Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist of this film is the humans. They are trying to destroy Pandora, which is the home of the Na’vi. They want to steal the resources and mine them in order to expand their industrial world. The main motive for this is money and power . All the humans we know are greedy, materialistic and selfish.

What are the epic scenes ?

The main epic scenes include the battle of the forest. The battle is between the Na’vi and humans. It can be described as a land war because it involves fighting on land, in trees and in caves. It is also a very interesting battle because both humans and Na’vi seek to destroy one another. The final epic scene includes going through Pandora jungle . Both Jake and Neytiri have to pass through jungle with their eyes closed because they are afraid to see or hear anything that could cause them harm or distress.

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Who is the most loved character ?

The most loved character in this film is Neytiri. Neytiri is the love interest of Jake Sully in the first film and has been with him ever since. She becomes his wife and asks him to stay on Pandora for good. She cares for him and stands up for her beliefs, especially when it comes to fighting against the humans.


Would you recommend watching this ?

Avatar: The Way of Water, although somewhat different from the first film, has a similar storyline that follows the life of Jake and Neytiri. This is a great one to watch if you loved the original Avatar. There is nothing better than sitting back on your couch with some popcorn and watching this one. Thanks for reading !

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