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The Umbrella Academy Comic: Season 3 is considered as one of the best season so far.

For comics writer Gerard Way, the idea for The Umbrella Academy began with a thing he saw on TV in 1989: 43 babies being born at random to women who were not pregnant the day before. He was fascinated by how these babies couldn’t have been planned, no matter what the biological explanation might be. Then, after his wife and his sister were pregnant at about the same time, it grew more personal. Way set about figuring out what would happen if he put superheroes in a family drama…

What is the plot of the story ?

When we meet the 7 superheroes, they have been part of an Exceptional Children’s League (ECL) for some time. They had won the Random Roster Drawing, allowing them to join the ECL. A new member of the group is Anne-Emmanuelle “Ana” Delacroix, a girl joining their class for the first time since she had transferred into a school in Switzerland. Ana has recently lost her parents in a car accident and is living with her uncle and aunt. She has no knowledge of her Fertility Papers, which means she can only produce eggs rather than eggs and sperm to help with conception.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Aidan Gallagher , Elliot Page , Ellen Page , Cameron Stewart , Mary J. Blige , and Hannelore Elsner . The characters portray the seven original members of the Umbrella Academy: Number Five (the one-eyed, telepathic leader), The Rumor (the human lie detector and popular girl); the Lighter Than Air Infantata or Lea (the Invisible Boy); the Friar (the No. 1 Razor, the one who cannot die); Klaus (the shadow-boy who can swallow anything); Number Six (the time and space traveler); and Vanya (the Séance).

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What are the difficulties they face ?

The children have superpowers, but they don’t have control over their powers, which is what their guardian Sir Reginald Hargreeves wanted. In “Chocolate Chip Cookies”, it’s revealed that Sir Reginald had hired a spy to make sure the children weren’t using their powers. As a result of this and everything that happens in the series, Number Five forms the Umbrella Academy with his siblings. The theme of the series is the idea that it’s okay to be abnormal and to have a disorder in order to give life a purpose. The title of the first issue is “Chocolate Chip Cookies”, which is fitting because they all share a cookie recipe, and each of them has a special talent.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

The antagonist is Reginald Hargreeves’ brother, Sir Mitchell Hargreeves. He is portrayed as an evil person and a cannibal who thinks that Number Five, The Rumor, The Lighter Than Air Infantata, and The Friar have been taken out of his way to avenge what happened to him in the past. It thinks that Number Five is the only one left in his way. He has also captured and sent Célestine to a mental institution for being a waste of space. She is Number Seven and she’s been living in a basement for years, even though she isn’t mentally ill.

What are the epic scenes ?

All the children have later returned to their normal lives, including Number Five who teams up with a shadow-boy named Vanya to travel back in time. He brings the entire family along with him. There’s a new member of the Academy, The Bleeder, who doesn’t want to be in the group because she knows her powers as an emitter are failing her and will eventually kill her. The Bleeder is Number Six. Number Six has gone back in time to see if he’ll be able to prevent his own death by returning to his childhood home and watching everything that happens there.

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Who is the most loved character ?

Elliot Page, Cameron Stewart, and Ellen Page are all very liked characters. The most hated character is Ana, who is disliked by everyone in the series. She’s disliked because of her reckless behavior and because she feels slightly betrayed by her siblings and especially by Number Five. She grows close to Number Six in the second arc, but she continually calls him “Number One”. In this arc, Ana learns that she’s going to die soon because of a weak heart and the family has to decide what they’re going to do with her body before it decomposes. She chooses cremation after seeing one of their friends get cremated.

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, I would recommend this to anyone who likes comics. Teens and adults alike can appreciate the family dynamic, while it also has some serious and adult themes. Overall, I found it to be very enjoyable. I believe the best part of this series is the art by Cameron Stewart, especially in “Chocolate Chip Cookies”, where he painted from 14 different angles instead of only one. Thanks for reading !


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