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Sofia Carson Sings “Come Home” in New Purple Hearts Video

Purple Hearts

This article shares the new song “Come Back Home” which was recorded by Sofia Carson for her upcoming film Purple Hearts. The narrative reveals all about how the film came together and chats briefly with both Sofia and her co-star (and ex) Austin Butler.

I’ve learned that Sofia Carson’s upcoming film is called Purple Hearts. It’s a movie she stars in which also features Austin Butler. The pair play an estranged couple who fall in love again after suffering through a tragedy together.

In this clip, we get to see Carson and Butler perform the song “Come Back Home” together which plays over the end credits in the film. It’s a nice tune that I think viewers will enjoy hearing them perform. I have to admit, I’m pretty excited to see the full film now since it looks like it’ll be really good.

Introduction to The Purple Hearts

The Purple Hearts is a special band made of 7 high schoolers who were all brought together through their love of music. They strive to be an inspiration not only to others but also to themselves. Check out their story and how they deal with being an unknown band starting in high school!


The Purple Hearts is a band made up of seven high schoolers with talents ranging from guitar, bass, drums, and vocals to violin, trumpet, and saxophone. While they may be in high school, The Purple Hearts are acknowledged by many as being one of the most professional bands in the Chicago area. The Purple Hearts’ overall goal is to give people hope and make their dreams come true.

The Purple Hearts first met at a Meetup event hosted at the Bluebird theater for a musician who has been called “the best guitarist you’ve never heard of.” After seeing the talent of these musicians, Kip Winger and Evan Brewer, they knew they wanted to become a band. With their addition to the group, The Purple Hearts started to form.

Name of the characters in The Purple Hearts

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Nicholas Galitzine
Sofia Carson
Anthony Ippolito
Linden Ashby
Chosen Jacobs
Kat Cunning
John Harlan Kim
Scott Deckert
Leroy Edwards III
Military Judge
Rand Guerrero
Defense Attorney
Breana Raquel
Sarah Rich
Kaitlin Huwe
Sean Berube
Debbie Fan
Cat Kaylin
Nicholas Duvernay
Josh Cruze
Music Busker


The storyline of The Purple Hearts

The Purple Hearts was a two-issue comic book published by Marvel Comics in 2004, written and drawn by Tony Bedard. It is a tribute to the characters of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, and shares many themes with the series as well.

In The Purple Hearts, the Joe team from 1987 are cast back in time as part of Operation: Clean Sweep, which transports them to present-day New Jersey after controlling an alien invasion on their home planet Primax 208.448 EI.

The Joe team of 1987 landed on the New Jersey coastline where Cobra Commander has Earth’s greatest heroes and villains fighting in a ritualistic battle to the death. Cobra Commander is finally killed by Snake-Eyes in a victorious battle, but it is difficult to use a weapon with his alien metal skin, as his body disintegrates right before their eyes. The Joes remain unaware that time travel is involved and return home to 1985, where they witness the Cobra attack on Washington D.C., followed by their departure for the present-day adventure.

‘Purple Hearts’: Sofia Carson performs in a Netflix film glimpse

An American teenager with an intellectual disability embarks on a cross-country adventure and discovers the healing power of music.


Sofia Carson, who stars as Abby in the film and also wrote it, described her experience performing for casual audiences at open mic nights as “inspiring.” She said that she wanted to share her joy with other kids with disabilities. “I know so many kids that have been through something so similar to what I’ve been through,” she said. “The movie is just showing how much love and support there is out there for those kids.”

Sofia Carson first entered show business at age 3 when she began performing on stage in children’s musicals.

So, what do you think about The Purple Hearts?

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