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Season 4 of HBO’s ‘Westworld: James Marsden’s first part was as a juvenile delinquent in a play


In 1985, James Marsden was cast in a play entitled “The 57th Annual Scripps Charles St Tipsy Contest.” His first role was as the juvenile delinquent, who gets into an argument with the other character.

James is best known for his roles in films like “Enchanted,” “X-Men,” and of course Cyclops in the X-Men franchise. He also starred in shows like “Friday Night Lights” and Teddy Sears on HBO’s hit show, Westworld.

Here are some other notable movies that James has starred in over the years: Powder Blue (1995), Save Me (2013), and The House Bunny (2008). On television, he’s played in shows such as “The X-Files,” “Everwood,” and “Kyle XY.”

It is not the first time James has been cast in a supporting role. He’s had a lot of roles where he didn’t have much more than a few lines. From reading about him online and seeing his IMDb credits, I found many more examples where James played supporting characters. It seems that his career before Westworld was marked by supporting roles in movies.


His filmography holds some A-list credits as well. He was originally cast as Cyclops in X-Men: The Last Stand before the cast change happened from Brett Ratner to Bryan Singer.

Introduction to The Westworld Season 4

Since we’re just a few weeks away from season four of Westworld, we thought it would be a good idea to put together an introduction to this show. We go through what the purpose of the show is and talk about its main characters so that you have a better understanding of what’s happening.

The creators’ intention for the HBO show was “to create a contemporary morality tale in which future civilizations could indulge their fantasies with artificial inhabitants who are devoid of rights”. If you’ve been watching Westworld since it started, you’ll quickly understand why there isn’t anything like this on TV right now.

Character names from The Westworld Season 4

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:


Evan Rachel Wood as Christina
Thandiwe Newton as Maeve Millay
Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe
Tessa Thompson as Dolores Abernathy
Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols
James Marsden
Angela Sarafyan as Clementine Pennyfeather
Ed Harris as William/The Man in Black

The storyline of The Westworld Season 4

In season three, the parks were about to open to guests after 30 years of development and 10 years of chaos, but instead, it seems that some kind of system-wide failure caused all human life across all host worlds to terminate. Now, in season four, mysteries remain as Delos Inc. struggles to clean up the mess from their ambitious experiment.

It seems that during the first episode of Westworld season 4 the employees at Delos Inc. are still trying to figure out what happened with all of their host worlds (Arnold’s door was open). The hosting world (aka “The Raj”) was destroyed by a glitch in an update, which caused the hosts to violently attack every human they can find.

No one has learnt to leave well enough alone in Westworld Season 4 Episode 2

In Westworld Season 4, Episode 2, “The Well-Tempered Clavier,” the Delos Corporation has been refurbishing their theme park since its season 3 finale. The park is set to reopen with a new experience called “Westworld: A Sensory Deprivation Experience” which is designed to enhance the jaded American public.


While this seems like a great idea on paper, it goes wrong when no one who enters is allowed to leave. As the human guests start to lose their minds and demand rescuing, Bernard and Dolores figure out that there must be a master reset button somewhere for them to escape before it’s too late.

So, what are your thoughts on The Westworld Season 4?

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