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Panda, a Showtime drama series being developed by Eddie Huang

Fresh Off the Boat

Eddie Huang, the Fresh Off The Boat writer, restaurateur, and host of Vice’s Munchies series, is developing a drama series for Showtime called Panda about a Chinese-American family running their restaurant.

Panda will be Huang’s first TV project since his departure from Fresh Off The Boat after its third season. Huang said he left the ABC sitcom because he felt “it had run its course.” He also said that because he was not contracted by ABC to stay on.

Introduction to The Fresh Off the Boat

The Fresh Off the Boat is a coming-of-age comedy that follows the Huang family. Also, as they acclimate to the United States from Taiwan. In 1995, Louis and Jessica Huang, along with their three boys. Also, leave Taipei for Orlando – following Louis’ American dream of achieving financial success.

The family believes in America’s promise of opportunity and freedom for all so much that they leave behind their life and everyone they know to start anew in a foreign country. Uprooted from everything familiar, 10-year-old Eddie quickly adapts to his new life in Florida where he overcomes challenges as well as successes at his new school.


Names of the characters in The Fresh Off the Boat

Constance Wu
Forrest Wheeler
Ian Chen
Chelsey Crisp
Randall Park
Hudson Yang
Lucille Soong
Ming-Na Wen
Shu Lan Tuan
Trevor Larcom
Colleen Ryan
Niko Hurme

The storyline of The Fresh Off the Boat

The Fresh Off the Boat (FOB) is a comedy and drama series based on the memoir of celebrity chef Eddie Huang, airing on ABC.

Eddie Huang is determined to give his sons a better life than he had, especially after moving from the rough neighborhood of Chinatown in Washington DC to suburban Orlando. Under strict rules imposed by their father, they have to maintain perfect grades and stay out of trouble at school or else face serious consequences with their dad’s belt.

The show was created by Nahnatchka Khan, who told FOX411 “I wanted to do something that would be an homage which is how I felt about The Cosby Show” when she was growing up.


Constance Wu: After Fresh Off the Boat Tweet Backlash, I Tried Suicide

A few months ago, Constance Wu publicly shared a story from her past. The actress and Fresh Off the Boat star revealed on Twitter that she attempted to end her life after backlash over an episode of the show.

But surprisingly speaking out about her struggle with depression feels like it’s been easier than ever for Wu, who has now experienced two seasons of accolades as one of TV’s most sought-after actresses. Her message is not just a story about herself; it is one of hope. One that speaks volumes in regards to how mental health should be discussed openly and truthfully in our country.

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