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Jurassic World Dominion : Crosses the big mark of 800 million dollars worldwide.

It’s four years after the events of Jurassic World, and Isla Nublar now exists as an opulent resort in the northern hemisphere with genetically recreated dinosaurs, spectacular shows, and an secluded dinosaur zoo. At the same time, a new island has been found near Costa Rica – Isla Sorna – which attracts tourists from around the world to its unrivaled safari experience.

What is the plot of the story ?

In the late 22nd century, multiple factions have emerged across the globe, all seeking to harness the power of dinosaurs for their own ends. As disagreements between these groups devolve into bloodshed, a dinosaur group called The Valley of Death appears. The group, who have lived on Isla Sorna for years, are revealed to be led by a hybrid named Angela Reaper, who has been training and studying dinosaurs in secret for many years.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Vince Vaughn, B.D. Wong and Irrfan Khan. Laura Dern portrayed the role of Claire Dearing, an executive vice president at InGen. As the founder and president of the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG), Claire is determined to save dinosaurs from becoming extinct once again. The PPG opposes all dealings with InGen. Claire has a personal investment in saving dinosaurs. Jeff Goldblum played Simon Masrani, billionaire CEO of InGen and the owner of Jurassic World. His chief concern is the safety of his dinosaurs, which he considers too dangerous to be housed in any facility that can be easily reached by humans. Masrani makes frequent trips to Isla Nublar to observe the park and make improvements.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

The dinosaurs from Isla Nublar are now an attraction at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. They are also at a new park, Jurassic World Dominion, on Isla Sorna. But the DPG wants to release them into the wild on Costa Rica so that they can live their lives in freedom and natural habitat. And InGen does not want their dinosaurs to live freely because they might attack humans. This is a dangerous mission for the DPG because of this situation, which led to the death of many people before and during this operation .


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

Angela Reaper, known as the Valley of Death, head of the group is not a new face in the series though. She was portrayed by Irrfan Khan in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. She is a hybrid with advanced dinosaur DNA . Living and working on Isla Sorna for years before meeting Claire Dearing¬† . And the rest of the DPG. She reveals that she also has a plan to do away with every human. But unlike previous main antagonists of the franchise, Angela doesn’t want to just kill herself as her actions did away with both humans and dinosaurs alike. She wants to make dinosaurs extinct again and take over Isla Sorna as well.

What are the epic scenes ?

In one of his many visits to Isla Nublar, Masrani sets out to inspect the Raptor Paddock, where he finds three dead dinosaurs. This confuses him because he had never seen this before on Isla Nublar. He questions the warden of the facility, and she explains that they used to have a herd of Brachiosauruses on the island but they were killed by a pack of Velociraptors when they invaded their territory. She explains that even though she hasn’t seen these Brachiosauruses for years, her raptors can still smell them and will not leave the area until all three are dead.

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Who is the most loved character ?

In this film, Claire Dearing is the most loved character. With her knowledge at Jurassic Park and understanding of dinosaurs, she has been able to save many dinosaurs from extinction. In Operation Genesis, she was the lover of Eddie Carr and he died in her arms trying to protect her. This loss affected her for a long time. However, in this film, she develops a close bond with Owen Grady and having seen Owen’s training from birth by his father and mother as well as his survival skills on Isla Sorna sucks him into saving the DPG and Jurassic World from being destroyed.

Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, I would recommend this film because it is entertaining and entertaining. It also has a good message at the end. I believe that kids would love this film because it shows them how important the creatures are to us and how much we need them on our planet. In addition, the characters are interesting and it keeps me engaged throughout the film. It doesn’t have B-plots or pointless scenes like some films in the franchise do but mostly if you’re a huge JP fan you will enjoy this one. Thanks for reading !

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