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Is It Worth Watching? In the second season of “Rebelde” on Netflix, the band hardly survives as attention is drawn to singers at their school


Netflix had previously announced that the second season of its Spanish-language series, Rebelde would air on Televisa in Mexico.

That is until it confirmed a simultaneous release date with Netflix on March 16th. And while it’s easy to be excited about new episodes, the show has changed significantly enough since its finale that fans who’ve been waiting for it to come back may be disappointed by what they see rather than what they remember from the first season.

While season one followed a group of teens who were auditioning for a music video, the second season is focused on those same teens as they prepare to leave high school and enter the business world. Of course, there’s still singing and dancing, but it’s far removed from a music video.

There are no cameras or directors; instead, we see the cast recording individually in what appears to be their bedrooms. And while we have some idea of where they are going with that — perhaps they need to post videos on YouTube or other social media sites — it feels like something has been lost in translation.


Introduction to The Rebelde Season 2

“The Rebelde Season 2” is an American telenovela that, according to Telemundo, is “a story of three women following their dreams. And finding hope in their hearts.” Starring two Latinas with Hispanic descent: Aracely Arambula and Karla Ramirez.

The upcoming season focuses more on family relationships due to the protagonist being pregnant with her husband’s child. The season finale will also feature a royal wedding between one of the protagonists’ brothers and another character.

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Character names in The Rebelde Season 2

Roberta Alexandra Maria Pardo Rey
Miguel Arango
Diego Bustamant
Lupita Fernandez.
Giovanni Méndez Lopez
Jóse Luján Landeros
Victoria “Vico” Paz

Story of The Rebelde Season 2

The Rebelde is a Spanish teen-oriented drama whose first season aired in 2004. Produced by Lucero Suárez and created by Cris Morena. It’s broadcast was interrupted halfway through the second season when Suárez died.


But this wasn’t the end for ‘Rebelde’: in 2005, Canal 13 (a Chilean channel) announced the intention to continue broadcasting it on their channel, TVN (another Chilean channel), and TRC (a Peruvian channel). In 2006 Cris Morena’s productions company announced they would produce another 33 episodes of this series but with a new cast that would premiere in 2008.

It certainly took a lot of time to recover from the death of her mother, but Cris’s decision was based on ongoing problems between Canal 13 and the production company.

The new season started filming in February 2008. Although it was shot in Chile, Mexico, Peru, and Argentina (Buenos Aires), the cast remained in Spain for most filming.

The second episode marked the return of Ana Brenda Contreras as Camila Bordonaba’s character and her friend Diego Bustamante’s (Ignacio Lanús) love interest; they were filming with the new cast to introduce the characters because they will come back next season.


Will there be a third season of the Mexican soap revival Rebelde?

Cast members of Rebel, a Mexican soap opera, talk about their show’s future after it was renewed for a third season. “It’s been easy to see this trend on screen and off the younger generation is not interested in following traditional formats,” said director Santiago Amigorena. “So how do you make sure that doesn’t lead to your demise?”

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“Rebel Season 3 will be our grand finale,” Amigorena continued. “We want to make sure our last scenes hold meaning. That is why we have decided to end the series with a final episode that will have many surprises.”

“Fans have already been thrilled with Fausto’s death,” he said, referring to one of the show’s main characters. “We want to keep the story going because we know viewers will appreciate it.” He added: “It won’t be hard for us, because we want to make our audience feel satisfied by a great ending. This is how people will remember us forever.”

One of the show’s stars, Chantal Andere, said she welcomed the renewal. “After this third season, I think everyone wants to leave it all on the field,” she added.


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