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Gorr, the God Butcher | Christian Bale’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ antagonist

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor is one of the more powerful superheroes. The Norse god’s hammer Mjolnir can even be used to turn back time. However, in the Mighty Thor comics, much of the same has been transposed to Lady Thor or Jane Foster. It is not only “Jane’s” power that makes her a threat to Gorr (the God Butcher). The huge hulking villain is known as Malekith the Accursed and Skurge the Executioner.

In the comics, Malekith has been around since the 1960s. The character was based on the villain of the same name from the Norse Sagas. He is an enemy of Thor and was responsible for hammering and chaining Ragnarok, which brought about a huge flood and created stars and planets.

Malekith is obsessed with death and darkness but makes sure to stay in line with nature so that he doesn’t run over his people.

Introduction to Thor: Love and Thunder

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown and expanded a lot in the last decade. Thor: Love and Thunder will be the first film in the series to introduce Natalie Portman as director. This will be the third collaboration between Portman and Marvel.


Portman first appeared as Jane Foster in Thor alongside Chris Hemsworth. Portman went on to appear as Jane in The Dark World, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Thor: Ragnarok. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Portman said that she was “blown away when I read the script and realized that they were including my character in the film,” adding, “It’s been so exciting to be a part of the MCU for all this time.

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Name of the characters in Thor: Love and Thunder

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
Jaimie Alexander as Sif
Chris Pratt as Star-Lord
Melissa McCarthy as Fake Hela
Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer
Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster
Karen Gillan as Nebula
Pom Klementieff as Mantis
Sean Gunn as Kraglin
Luke Hemsworth as Actor Thor

The storyline of Thor: Love and Thunder

The Story: Thor: Love and Thunder is the fourth solo film in the MCU to star Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. After losing his hammer Mjolnir during a fight with Hela, Valkyrie finds and returns it to Thor. At Odium, their mechanical god-creature ally, Korg, decides that they need to be finding another new home. The group heads for Earth to find Him and his allies and gets mixed up in an Asgardian/Norse god civil war.


Thor: Love And Thunder’s Ending and Post-Credits Scenes are Explicitly Explained

Thor: Love and Thunder is a movie packed with surprises and mysteries. The ending of the film is particularly confusing, so MTV News has put together this explainer to help clear things up.

The end of Thor: Love and Thunder leave a lot to the imagination. But there is still some closure, at least in terms of what happens next for Thor and Jane’s relationship.

This Thor will be back, but her Jane Foster days are done. And as for Loki, well… that MCU mystery is more complex than it seems.

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So, what do you think about Thor: Love and Thunder?


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