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Everything Everywhere All At Once : Plot , Twist , Suspense , Action and everything you need to know .

The Multiverse is gone and reality has been in a disastrous mess ever since. The shimmering veil between dimensions has been torn open . Allowing demons and monsters from other realities to wreak havoc on our planet. Unable to defend herself . Only one person can save humanity: Kaitlyn Carter . A former physicist turned reluctant hero who never expected this kind of life for herself.

What is the plot of the story ?

Kaitlyn Carter, a character who was once just an ordinary scientist working at CERN . Gets caught in a bizarre series of events that change her life forever. The Multiverse is falling apart, and all realities are converging into one, stranding Kaitlyn in a strange new world full of dangers she can’t possibly understand. Soon she realizes that reality is collapsing around her . And she doesn’t have much time to find out what is happening . And what she can do about it. She will have to travel between realities, discover .  Who destroyed the Multiverse and try to stop them from destroying reality as well.

Who is in the cast ? What role did each character portray ?

The cast include Michelle Yeoh , Stephanie Hsu , Stanley Tucci , Naya Rivera , Dave Bautista , Joey King , Ash Thomas , Amanda Crew , Toby Jones. Michelle Yeoh portrayed the role of Doctor Kaitlyn Carter . A physicist and former CERN researcher who must use her newly discovered extra-dimensional powers to save humanity. Stephanie Hsu played the role of Ingenue, a beautiful woman with blue skin that can travel through time and space. Stanley Tucci played the role of Ixen, an immortal and powerful demon who was imprisoned in an artifact for millennia until it was accidentally released by Carter. Naya Rivera played the role of Willow Posey . The most powerful demigod on Earth and Kaitlyn’s closest friend. Dave Bautista portrayed the role of Kolmek, a warrior from another dimension  . Who uses magic to fight demons.

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What are the difficulties they face ?

Kaitlyn is the only person on Earth who can travel between the different realities now that the Multiverse is gone, so she must travel all across the multiverse (the myriad of alternate realities). The Multiverse is falling apart and reality itself is starting to unravel. Every time Kaitlyn uses her powers something seems to be getting torn apart. The Multiverse was destroyed by a mysterious villain called Nothing . Who wants to erase all of existence and return everything to nothingness.


Who is the antagonist ? What are its motives ?

Kaitlyn knows nothing about her past and she is completely clueless about her parents. Her best friend Willow Posey is the most powerful demigod in the world  . And she is obsessed with finding out more about Kaitlyn’s origins (although they have already been revealed as her being an alien). Nothing, who destroyed the Multiverse, also has his own plans for world domination.

What are the epic scenes ?

Kaitlyn decides to go the extra mile and team up with Kolmek, a warrior from another dimension who uses magic to fight demons. When Nothing arrives at Kaitlyn’s house to kill her, he finds both Kolmek and Willow standing in his way. Nothing tries to kill them but Kaitlyn’s power makes him fall through time into a trap set by Willow, who then takes him prisoner. Willow Posey, Kaitlyn’s best friend, is very wise and she knows a lot about other dimensions. Willow is obsessed with the fact that Goro (a samurai from another dimension) may be Kaitlyn’s true love.

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Would you recommend watching this ?

Yes, This movie is very interesting and the special effects are remarkable. The cast is great and the story is well constructed. Thanks for reading !

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