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Chris Pratt is miscast in Prime Video’s tedious action-thriller The Terminal List

The Terminal List

The Terminal List is the latest Netflix original action-thriller to sweep people in, but it’s not as enticing as it sounds. It has chemistry issues and clichéd characters that aren’t easy to care about.

If you have been looking for something new online, then this might be a passable option. But if you are expecting something that delivers something new, like a genuinely original action-thriller, then you will get tired of this one in the first episode.

It’s an attempt to rebrand the whodunnit movie genre, with a dash of Cop Show (C.S.) thrown in for good measure. It’s low on thrills, a little bit bloody and simply not engaging in any way.

Introduction to The Terminal List

The Terminal List is a website full of tips, tricks, and hacks for using Linux. Also, that will help you not just become more efficient but also more secure. On top of being educational, it also comes with a lot of great designs to keep you entertained along the way. The Terminal List has anything and then everything Linux related from tips on how to improve your workflow to step-by-step instructions for operating your own fully functional VPN. This is a great website to keep in mind during your time at college. Please feel free to send in any tips you have!


“Linux can make you a better programmer. Linux proved that it also makes you a better programmer.” —KotlinConvert

This website, along with its parent site, The Terminal List—which was founded by one of the most prominent members of the Go community. Jan-Willem Bromberek—is the work of one person: me, Phil Hargett.

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Name of the characters in The Terminal List

Here are celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Chris Pratt as James Reece
Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards
Constance Wu as Katie Buranek
Tyner Rushing also played as Liz Riley
Patrick Schwarzenegger as Donny Mitchell
Jeanne Tripplehorn as Lorraine Hartley
Arlo Mertz as Lucy Reece
Jai Courtney also played as Steven Horn
LaMonica Garrett as Commander Fox
Christina Vidal as Mac Wilson
Riley Keough as Lauren Reece
Jared Shaw as Ernest “Boozer” Vickers


The storyline of The Terminal List

The Terminal List is the story of an ex-intelligence officer. And military contractor who becomes drawn deeply into America’s covert wars before disappearing underground. It is a story that shows how these global games of chicken create failed states in faraway places, that cause unprecedented numbers of refugees to head west, and provides a gritty glimpse into the life of secret CIA field operatives—often far from home and under fire.

After publishing the first article on a now-defunct website in early 2015, the writings quickly garnered more than a million views. Within days of its launch, The Intercept contacted the author and then began a collaboration that resulted in a book deal with Seven Stories Press. The Terminal List was published on December 5, 2017, and has received widespread critical acclaim.

Chris Pratt’s conspiracy thriller series, The Terminal List, has wowed followers on Twitter

Chris Pratt has recently released his new thriller series, The Terminal List. And it’s left fans of all different genres wowed by the story. Originally a movie star and now an acclaimed actor, writer, and director Chris Pratt was very adamant about this series is as close to an accurate representation of what he would want from his portrayal on-screen.

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Set in the modern-day, The Terminal List takes you through every vivid detail of a spy’s life. There are no limits for this series, there is no bounding of how deep the story goes. The existing characters grow more violent, vengeful and adrenaline rode as the story progresses and we are brought closer to their true potential.


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