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Bullying in ‘Stranger Things’ and Eleven: Signs Your Kid Is Still being Harrassed

Stranger Things

Bullying is a major issue in schools and we all know that it affects children psychologically. We explore a scenario from ‘Stranger Things.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, the director of the first season Ross Duffer revealed that Eleven’s bullies were created to mirror how kids might pick on someone who has been through traumatic experiences like she has.

It’s a startling revelation that not only could the character of Eleven herself have been created as an example for other people, but also reveals how bullying can affect kids.

Duffer said: “Those bullies seem to be based on kids who did bully her. They took it up a notch. Even though she doesn’t want to physically hurt anyone,” he told Yahoo TV.


Introduction to The Stranger Things Season 4

The Stranger Things season four is finally coming out and the excitement has been building for weeks. The Duffer Brothers have confirmed that this will be their last season and it will be a satisfying end. Season four of Stranger Things promises to deliver more death and more mystery than ever before.

The cast also includes some returning faces including Jake Busey, Sean Astin, Paul Reiser, Allison Janney, and Brett Gelman. Season four will also be the last season to feature Finn Wolfhard, who has chosen not to do any more seasons. The new face is Sadie Sink, a newcomer to the series.

Name of the characters in The Stranger Things Season 4

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers)
David Harbour (Jim Hopper)
Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven)
Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler)
Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson)
Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair)
Noah Schnapp (Will Byers)
Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield)


The storyline of The Stranger Things Season 4

The Stranger Things Season 4 is widely regarded as the best season of one of Netflix’s most popular TV series to date. Many people say that it was better than any other season we’ve seen before in terms of plot, animations and action scenes, and writing.

This season received widespread praise from both fans and critics alike. It has been nominated for 31 Emmy awards and 7 Golden Globe awards, was ranked #10 on Rolling Stone’s Top TV Shows of 2017, and #10 in Buzzfeed’s 52 Best Netflix Original Series of 2017. It also won an Emmy for the outstanding Drama Series.

Many viewers are praising the series for being better than the first three seasons, which were noted as being “great”, “fantastic” and “amazing”.

Stranger Things: Dustin and Steve or Dustin and Eddie; which bromance was your favorite?

For fans of the Netflix original series, it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite between Dustin and Steve and Dustin and Eddie. But what if I told you that one is a romantic relationship? Stranger things have happened…


In light of the recent confirmation given by an Entertainment Weekly article, “Stranger Things” fans everywhere are weighing in with their opinions on which bromance is superior. We look at why some are #TeamSteve while others are #TeamEddie, as well as who is most deserving of Eleven’s love.

​The lifeblood of any business is new customers – without them, you won’t have any earnings. Source

If you’re like me, Steve Harrington seemed like the obvious choice for Eleven’s first boyfriend. He’s a high school hunk who has a thing for our telekinetic heroine. Like, who wouldn’t want to go out with this guy? But then Dustin Henderson came along and ruined everything! Now I find myself torn on which male character is better suited to be Eleven’s new boyfriend.

So, what do you think about The Stranger Things Season 4?


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