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AMC Theatres near you are showing Armageddon Time

Armageddon Time

Every week, we go to the movies. But this week was different. This week, we went to an AMC theatre near us.

As soon as we walked in, they announced that they would be showing a ‘special screening of Armageddon.’ We weren’t sure what it was going to entail but decided to stick around and find out. It wasn’t long before they started playing the hit songs from the 1990s.

Introduction to Armageddon Time

An apocalyptic event that has wiped out more than 90% of life on earth. It will happen shortly.

The Armageddon Time series takes a look at what might happen if we don’t find a solution for global warming and there is a natural calamity like that. There are two types of people during this time: The Others, who are trying to figure out how to survive and make it through to the other side, and The Survivors, who have gone through years of preparation for what they see as inevitable.


Name of the characters in Armageddon Time

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Banks Repeta as Paul Graff
Jessica Chastain as Maryanne Trump
John Diehl as Fred Trump
Anne Hathaway as Esther Graff
Jeremy Strong as Irving Graff
Andrew Polk as Mr. Turkeltaub
Dane West as Topper Lowell
Ryan Sell as Ted Graff
Anthony Hopkins as Aaron Graff
Jaylin Webb as Johnny
Lauren Yaffe as Teacher
Griffin Wallace as George Madison

The storyline of Armageddon Time

If you’re a fan of the Armageddon Time series, you might be interested in this article about the storyline!

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The story follows Nicoli and Aria as they search for answers in their troubled world. With help from some unlikely allies, they uncover secrets that will change everything they know; secrets that may cost Nicoli her life.


In Armageddon Time 1: A Call to Arms, Nicoli, and Aria take the first steps in their epic journey, exploring the mysterious world around them. They encounter a strange new race of human-like creatures called The Nergal, captivating their small group of friends. Their curiosity leads them on an incredible adventure full of danger, romance, and suspense.

Armageddon Time 2: Eye of the Storm tells more about Nicki’s past and how she came to be where she is today.

Jessica Chastain Refused to Accept Payment for Her Role in Maryanne’s Movie

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Jessica Chastain revealed that she did not take payment for her recent cameo as Maryanne in Blumhouse’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

Chastain states that she made the cameo so that fans of the book would not feel ripped off. She also told People, “I don’t want my work to be exploited. It wasn’t about hocking a film.


Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain is known for her roles in such smash hits as The Help, The Tree of Life, and The Debt. This year she will star alongside Tom Cruise in the upcoming film “Jack Reacher” directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

So, what do you think about Armageddon Time?

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