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A new version of ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ emphasizes the female perspective

Dangerous Liaisons

An argument has been going on for some time now about whether or not the protagonist in Dangerous Liaisons, Madame de Tourvel, is a victim or a villain. The newest version of the 2005 drama in two parts, directed by Nicholas Hytner and then adapted by Christopher Hampton, has enhanced this discussion with its female-focused perspective.

In the new film’s first half, which is technically based on volume I of the novel and stars Jack Huston as Maxime de Rochefort (who unlike in the previous adaptation is a man), all that’s being argued through his eyes is whether or not he should trust her.

Introduction to The Dangerous Liaisons

The Dangerous Liaisons movie is one of my favorites. It’s a French film (1988) directed by Stephen Frears from a screenplay written by Christopher Hampton, based on the epistolary novel “Les Liaisons dangereuses” by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. The film stars Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Michelle Pfeiffer in leading roles as Valmont, Danceny, and Madame de Merteuil.

Here is the synopsis of this movie: In 18th Century France at the Court of Versailles. The Marquise de Merteuil plots revenge against her ex-lover who has alfound happiness with another


Elegant and passionate, Madame de Merteuil (Glenn Close) is also a professional mistress to the aristocracy. Her newest conquest, visiting nobleman Chevalier Danceny (Ciarán Hinds), is young and innocent, but the two develop a strong bond. Soon after Danceny leaves for military service, Merteuil discovers that her former lover. Vicomte de Valmont (John Malkovich), has taken up with Danceny’s childhood sweetheart–an innocent country girl named Cecile (Emma Thompson). Outraged by this infidelity, she hatches a plot to seduce Danceny himself to break up the couple forever.-Infoplease.

Name of the characters in The Dangerous Liaisons

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

John Malkovich as Vicomte Sébastien de Valmont
Glenn Close as Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil
Michelle Pfeiffer as Madame de Tourvel
Uma Thurman as Cecile
Keanu Reeves also played as Le Chevalier Raphael Danceny
Swoosie Kurtz as Madame de Volanges
Mildred Natwick as Madame de Rosemonde
Peter Capaldi also played as Azolan
Nicholas Hawtrey as Major-domo
Harry Jones as Armand
Paulo Abel Do as Castrato

The storyline of The Dangerous Liaisons

The movie Dangerous Liaisons, directed by Stephen Frears, is a film adaptation of the novel written by Choderlos de Laclos. It tells the story of Valmont (played by John Malkovich), a scheming aristocrat and seducer who manipulates and undermines a young woman’s, pure love.


The film features two aristocratic ladies from different families who are married to important men – Monsieur de Tourvel (played by Uma Thurman) and then Madame de Merteuil (played by Glenn Close). They find themselves in sexual relationships with Valmont, who is chasing after his goal to use them as pawns in his plot to achieve an adulterous affair with both of them.

James Greer’s Dangerous Liaisons: Bad Eminence was appraised

Bad Eminence is the story of three families whose lives are intertwined in ways that no one could have predicted. The Golds and the Slaters are well-known in their New York community, rich and influential, with ties to finance and high society. Dexter McCord has risen from poverty in Arkansas to become a powerful Wall Street lawyer.

And then there’s Tony Cooper, a member of New York’s underclass who wants nothing more than to be accepted by his neighbors but knows that he can never really belong. Everything changes when Samantha Slater falls for Tony Cooper, after years of marriage to her moneyed husband—and even more so when it’s revealed that this forbidden love child is one of three siblings with different fathers.

So, what do you think about The Dangerous Liaisons?


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