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Writer Brian Michael Bendis Updates the Legion of Super-Heroes Series

Legion of Super-Heroes

Brian is the writer of Supergirl, and will also be working on Jungle Action/Black Panther for Marvel, Freshmen for DC Vertigo, and two upcoming Skybound books: Extremity from up-and-coming artist Daniel Warren Johnson (Tokyo Ghost), and a revival series of Robert Kirkman’s horror comic book classic: The Walking Dead.

“I’m excited about this Legion work because I’ve always been a fan of what Keith Giffen did back in the day,” said Brevoort. “I’m also glad we have an opportunity to play around with a book that has seemed to be on semi-permanent hiatus for the last couple of years.”

With Legion of Super-Heroes #16, the title will be re-launching once again, this time with a new status quo and a new artist, Steve Scott.

Introduction to Legion of Super-Heroes

Superman’s world has changed. His most trusted ally, the Guardian of Metropolis, has gone rogue and must be stopped at all costs. The Time Trapper is on the loose, foraging his way into other worlds to feed upon their entire histories for his latest attempt. To spread chaos and destruction across time itself. And on the opposite end of the spectrum. An organization known as the Legion of Super-Heroes is beginning to operate within the United Planets. Also, attempting to set a good example for future generations. More than ever, Superman needs help!


The three-part “Legion” story was one of 2006’s most ambitious projects for DC Comics. Written by Geoff Johns and featuring artwork from Keith Giffen, Jeff Lemire, and Scott Kolins. Also, it saw Superman successfully recruit a group of teenage heroes to his aid.

Name of the characters in Legion of Super-Heroes

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Kara Zor-El
Dirk Morgan
Salu Digby

The storyline of Legion of Super-Heroes

The storyline of Legion of Super-Heroes is a story about a group of superpowered individuals that protect the Earth in the 30th century. These heroes are divided into time zones, each with their identities, which they use to solve crimes and defend society. The article will also cover some questionable decisions made by these heroes throughout their timeline. As well as what exactly Legion means to its readers.


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Brian Michael Bendis Teases Work on New Animated Series Legion of Super-Heroes

Marvel Comics writer and artist Brian Michael Bendis has hinted at what appears to be his next project with animation company DC Entertainment.

In an interview with, Bendis spoke about his enthusiasm for the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series.

“I’m probably going to be working on a Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon,” he said of his next project. “That’s a great character, and it’s been done before, but I think people will like it.”


The Adult Swim animated series is currently in production, and Bendis’ involvement may be limited to the writing credits for the show’s first season.

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