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The trailer for the horror-mystery “1899” from the makers of “Dark” is available on Netflix


Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming psychological horror-mystery series from the producers of Bates Motel and The Walking Dead.

The as-yet title, ‘1899’, is set in an idyllic rural American town during the waning days of summer. It features a cast including Naveen Andrews (Lost), Lina Esco (Freeheld), Paz Vega (The Counselor), and Douglas Smith (Big Little Lies).

Introduction to the 1899′: Trailer

The 1899′ is a retro-styled, science-fiction horror adventure game with a squad of bizarre characters for each player to choose from. The goal is to escape from the vast facility that you find yourself locked in once you awake from your cryogenic sleep.

It gives players an intense feeling of being trapped and running out of options at all turns. Players must explore rooms, talk to NPCs, and solve puzzles while keeping their sanity intact as they search for a way out before time runs out.


With its highly immersive 3D environment and detailed pixel art style reminiscent of classic 8-bit games, this game has a uniquely immersive experience that captures the essence of old-school gaming in today’s modern era.

Names of the characters in the 1899′: Trailer

Ben Ashenden
Aneurin Barnard
Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen
Emily Beecham
Anton Lesser
Mathilde Ollivier
Alexandre Willaume
Andreas Pietschmann
Clara Rosager
Miguel Bernardeau
Rosalie Craig
Richard Hope
Jonas Bloquet
Maria Erwolter
Martin Greis-Rosenthal
Maciej Musial
Heidi Toini
Tino Mewes

Storyline of the 1899′: Trailer

The 1899′ is an upcoming indie movie from the producers of AFTERMATH. The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by civil war. The film follows one man, James, and his family as they escape from their home and travel across a desolate country in search of safety, but soon find themselves denying it.

Also, who they once were for what might be left of humanity. When he picks up two hitchhikers on their journey, James realizes that he can’t get any further away from home than this moment right here – it’s time to turn around.


With the release of the historical horror 1899 teaser, dark creators return to Netflix

“If you’re a fan of British horror and Netflix is your streaming service of choice, then you’re in luck. The upcoming movie, 1899, is the first part of a trilogy that will be airing exclusively on Netflix.”

“Set in Victorian-era London just as the new century looms on the horizon, 1899 tells the story of three families who have been affected by a tragic past. Episodes one through six covers one family’s experience with tragedy and how it affects both them and those around them.”

“The dark creators behind some of our favorite recent horror films return to Netflix with this chilling historical horror series. Watch for yourself as these families are put against their wills into an unrelenting march towards death. 1899 will be a special treat for fans of the genre who have grown tired of the same old formula.”

“With the second episode out now, you can catch up and follow along with the story to see how these families find their way back towards a mysterious light at the end of their darkest days.”


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