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The Trailer for Hamster and Gretel Teases an Unusual Superhero Team

Hamster and Gretel

In the upcoming graphic novel Hamster and Gretel, the titular duo takes on an unconventional superhero role. When an alarmingly incompetent villain captures the daughter of a wealthy family, they receive a ransom video claiming that he’ll kill her unless they hand over all their money.

Unlike other superheroes who might be tempted to go after the villain, Hamster and Gretel call the cops, figuring they can rest easy knowing that their fellow officers will save the day. But when their friend is murdered, both become determined to get revenge for him and his family and set out to track the villain down.

Introduction to Hamster and Gretel

Hamster and Gretel is a fairy tale from the Grimm Brother’s famous collection of fairy tales. It tells the story of two siblings on a quest to find their father. The story was published in 1812, by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

The brothers did not change or adapt it at all… Hamster, who is peaceful and kind, meets Gretel, who is aggressive and tough. Their personalities are quite different. When they arrive at the house, Hamster knocks on the door and after his knocks, a small window opens up where an old lady asks what they want. He tells her they want to stay the night there.


The old lady agrees, but only if they do her one favor: to spy on her as she sleeps and report everything she does or thinks when she is sleeping… The children agree to the bargain and that evening as the woman sleeps she dreams of placing cream in front of a mouse-hole…

Name of the characters in Hamster and Gretel

Here are the celebrity’s names mentioned below:

Melissa Povenmire
Michael Cimino
Beck Bennett
Joey King
Matt Jones
Dan Povenmire
Carolina Ravassa
Karalynn Dunton
Thomas Sanders
Jenny Lorenzo
Brock Powell
Joanna Hausmann
Casey Hamilton
Karina La Voz

The storyline of Hamster and Gretel

The story begins in a kingdom where three woodcutters share a cottage in the forest. The cottage is paid for by an old woman who gives them a sack of gold coins every year on the condition that they leave one room empty where she can stay when she visits. The three men enjoy their quiet cottage and live peacefully until one day, two children arrive. The children claim that they were sent by their father to relieve the woodcutters so that they could spend time with them for Christmas.


The official trailer for ‘Hamster and Gretel’ has been released by Disney Channel

Disney Channel has released an official trailer for a new original movie entitled “Hamster and Gretel.” The movie will center around a young boy who must take care of his sister after the death of their parents.

His sister Gretel has become a born-again Christian and is not afraid to use her newfound religion to reprimand her brother, whom she believes is a sinner. The boy must set out on an adventure to try and find his parents, but along the way, he meets up with three witches who have been sent by Satan to destroy him.

“Hamster and Gretel” star Kyle Massey of Disney’s “Cory in the House,” Matt Letscher, and Seana Kofoed. The movie is directed by David McKenzie and written by Paul Cajero.

So, what do you think about Hamster and Gretel?


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