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The Simmering Melancholy Memory of a Love Song

A Love Song

Love songs are often a celebration of love, with lyrics that promise eternal devotion and declarations of our love. But on the other hand, many songs about love contain feelings of regret or melancholy. It’s rare to find a song about romantic love without this underlying layer of sadness or melancholy.

After several weeks of trying to get this topic going in a meaningful way, I finally tried writing down some of these love songs. They all came from a file with the title “Remorseful Love Song”, which is precisely the sort of title that doesn’t inspire me to write about it, but I did notice that there was something here, so I decided to throw them all together.

The point of this article is not to compare or contrast true love vs remorseless love. If you’ve ever fallen for someone and always will be devoted, then that’s wonderful and your story is probably going to end up in better shape than mine.

Introduction to the A Love Song

A Love Song is an inspirational viral video that went viral on Tumblr a few years ago. It has since been shared over 45 million times and has 8,573 notes as of this writing. The story behind it, according to its creators, is that it was made by a girl who found inspiration in the song “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna and wanted to do something similar with her life.


Unlike its other versions, the story of A Love Song begins with a poem written by Madison, who watched idly outside while waiting for sunset. The poem is titled “A Love Song,” and tells the story of a girl named Madison who was inspired by a line from Madonna’s song “Papa Don’t Preach.”

Names of the characters in the A Love Song


The storyline of the A Love Song

A love song is an inexpressible emotion, a certain sentimental attachment to someone or something that can never be explained in words but only felt by the heart. Throughout our lives, we encounter many people while traveling this Earth and though they may leave our life as quickly as they came into it, some stay with us forever.

They come into our lives without notice and warning. We don’t know where they came from nor do we know where they go when their time with us has passed but somewhere deep inside we know that these people have touched our hearts forever.


A love song is an expression of a special, one-of-a-kind emotion that people usually feel in their youth because the endless possibilities of life and the endless opportunities in life to meet new people seem endless at that age. Life is full of choices, choices to make and choices not to make.

Life offers many possibilities but there are still some things that remain constant. Two of those things are love and music; these two things will last forever because they are directly connected.

Love remains constant in people’s hearts and transcends across generations while the music remains constant by being played by different musicians from all over the world who have interpreted and given new life to this beautiful universal language.

The ‘A Love Song’ Trailer Displays Touching Bonding

A new short film called “A Love Song” shows a woman (played by Jonna Walsh) awakening to find herself in the body of her male counterpart, who is played by Liam McLoone. It starts as an amusing and heartwarming drama but gradually gets more and more sinister as the “woman” realizes that this other person is a psychopathic killer.


This trailer offers just a small taste of what’s to come from “A Love Song,” which follows on from Canadian director Robb Armstrong’s hit series “Pure”—a six-episode dark thriller about the life of an ice cream maker played by Krysten Ritter.

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