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The Ms. Marvel director requests that a deleted scene be made public 

ms. marvel

Marvel Studios used to routinely release deleted scenes as they edited their feature films, but after the internet brouhaha over the lackluster quality of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel has been less forthcoming.

In what is a stunning admission for someone in such a prominent position in an industry that loves to talk about how progressive it is, Director Peyton Reed revealed exclusively to IGN that he asked Marvel Studios not to release deleted scenes from his latest film.

Reed said he thinks there’s value in preserving the ability for filmmakers and audiences alike to have access to raw footage and was eager for Marvel not only to allow it but also to demonstrate how good it can be used.

Introduction to Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a superhero comic book character created in 1977 by Stan Lee and Gene Colan. In the original story, she was an average teenager who gained superhuman powers and abilities after being bitten by an insect. The series has been adapted into several media, such as games and animated TV series.


The website that is being introduced will teach you about Ms. Marvel! Here are some things you can learn: who her creator was, what her powers are called and what they do, how she works with other heroes and villains of Marvel Comics like Captain America or Hulk, or why the comic book character is so popular today!

Names of the characters in Ms. Marvel

Iman Vellani
Matt Lintz
Yasmeen Fletcher
Laurel Marsden
Nimra Bucha
Arian Moayed
Alysia Reiner
Travina Springer
Zenobia Shroff
Aramis Knight
Asfandyar Khan
Iyad Hajjaj

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The storyline of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a comic book superheroine created by writer Chris Claremont and artist John Byrne in 1977. The character first appeared in “Marvel Super-Heroes” #12, published by Marvel Comics.

The series tells the story of Kamala Khan, an American teenage Muslim girl who develops superpowers after being bitten by a genetically-altered spider. Ms. Marvel’s name is short for “Ms. Marvel Jr.” as she was inspired by Ms. Marvel—an older female member of the Avengers superhero group who wore a similar costume.


Telling the story in comic book format has been a learning process for creator G. Willow Wilson, who says she is “fine-tuning my writer’s voice as I go. The biggest challenge with ‘Ms. Marvel for me is that it explores areas of life that I do not know about firsthand.” Along with co-writer Wilson, illustrator Adrian Alphona has been a major contributor to the series.

The column “Crisis Times Five” focuses on Khan’s adventures as Ms. Marvel and her role in the wider Marvel Universe including appearances with the Fantastic Four; Wolverine; Iron Man; and several other Avengers including Captain America and Thor (see also: Captain America), who has appeared in her title.

With its new gas power, Dragon Ball Super borrows from Ms. Marvel

The gas is called Hakai and only the God of Destruction can control it. The move seems to be a direct reference to the powers possessed by Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, in the Marvel Comics universe.

Ms. Marvel can use her power of destruction (hence the name) with her solid fists. She can also control air molecules, meaning that she has some level of magic as well.


This new power seems like an extension of an ability that Goku already had in Dragon Ball Z when he was able to turn opponents into gas and bring them under his control — more or less turning them into a balloon animal for him to play with…

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…but it’s likely Hakai, which is likely an alternate name for the more powerful kaioken (it should be noted that kaioken was a move where Goku could turn into a god-like being) ability.

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 25, titled “Universal Survival! The Desperate Battle Of Gods!”, Beerus was already shown to have power over a non-matter matter like energy. After collecting energy from all over the universe, Goku and Vegeta got to face off with him for the first time. It wasn’t until later in the episode that Frieza came onto the scene.

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