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The Autobiographical Story of the First “Star Wars” Fan is Told in the “5-25-77” Trailer


You have seen the teaser for 5-25-77, George Lucas’s autobiographical documentary on Star Wars, and now you will see the trailer. The first fan to see the original film, at that fateful 1977 mall theater in Modesto California, has revealed her identity and allowed this rare glimpse into her life: the woman who was there when it all began.

The trailer begins with a list of wonders and triumphs across cultures beginning with cave paintings. But how did they know how to paint? How did they become artists? It turns out that art is just a small part of what makes us human. If you want to make art people will love, you need more than just talent – you need passion.

Introduction to The 5-25-77

In the last few years, I have seen the word “goals” thrown around a lot. From new years resolutions to marketing campaigns for businesses, this word has taken off and it doesn’t seem like it is slowing down anytime soon. In my opinion, goals are just as important as they ever were. They may be changing but they still hold some of their original power that can help you become successful.

The 5-25-77 Series is simple. It’s a simple series of books that I have written. In the series, I have defined goals, lessons from success and failures in life, and what it takes to achieve your goals. These books are designed to give you the tools that you need to become successful, whatever your goal may be.


These books are going to change your life and help you achieve your goals in all aspects of your life (business, relationships, finances, etc.).

Names of the characters in The 5-25-77

Colleen Camp
Neil Flynn
Austin Pendleton
Katie Jeep
Mark Lorenz
Eddie Kunz
Caitlin Barlow
John Francis Daley
Yasmin Golan
Christopher McLinden
Steve Coulter, Steven Coulter
Emmi Chen

The storyline of The 5-25-77

This story is set on a fictional date that should never have happened. The date, 5-25-77, was supposed to be the day that Halley’s Comet would return in 1986. It was also the day of the very first broadcast of 5-25-77.

In this series there is no comet and no broadcast: instead, five friends are reunited for a high school reunion and their lives are forever changed by an embarrassing secret they had clubbed together to bury for 30 years  — and buried so deeply it has taken until now for it to resurface. But when it does, their carefully constructed world falls apart with dramatic consequences.


The first five episodes of the series were filmed under the working title ‘Spin’ on location in Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, North Stradbroke Island, Cairns, and Sunshine Coast. The production team has since moved to Sydney to continue filming.

The coming-of-age comedy “5-25-77,” with a “Star Wars” theme, is purchased by MVD Entertainment Group. John Francis Daley is the star

MVD Entertainment Group has acquired the rights to 5/25/77, a coming-of-age story set in 1977. It stars John Francis Daley, who played Dr. Peter Bishop on the show Fringe and is best known as Ben Grimm in The Amazing Spiderman movies.
Their most recent film was Virus, with Katie Cassidy and Michael Welch which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and is scheduled for a theatrical release this summer.

The deal was negotiated by Adam Krentzman, SVP Business Development, and Acquisitions at MVD Entertainment Group, and Michael Spingarn of H Collective out of the LA office. The film, which also stars Molly Ephraim (Good Luck Charlie, Last Man Standing), is currently in post-production.

5/25/77 is a coming-of-age story about an artist named Mike whose only connection to his father, a famous figure skater who died when Mike was 9 years old, is through the skateboard he left behind. Mike’s mother sends him from their Long Island home to stay with her brother in Littleton, Colorado for his 7th-grade year.


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